Qiang Yang

According to our database1, Qiang Yang authored at least 43 papers between 2012 and 2019.

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ACM Fellow 2017, "For contributions to artificial intelligence and data mining".

IEEE Fellow

IEEE Fellow 2009, "For contributions to understanding and application of intelligent planning, learning and data mining".



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SPFuzz: A Hierarchical Scheduling Framework for Stateful Network Protocol Fuzzing.
IEEE Access, 2019

Economical High-Low Temperature and Heading Rotation Test Method for the Evaluation and Optimization of the Temperature Control System for High-Precision Platform Inertial Navigation Systems.
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A Concurrent and Hierarchy Target Learning Architecture for Classification in SAR Application.
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Modified Multi-Mode Target Tracker for High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar.
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Knowledge-Based Generalized Side-Lobe Canceller for Ionospheric Clutter Suppression in HFSWR.
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Developing a rough set based approach for group decision making based on determining weights of decision makers with interval numbers.
Operational Research, 2018

A survey of malware behavior description and analysis.
Frontiers of IT & EE, 2018

Resilient virtual communication networks using multi-commodity flow based local optimal mapping.
J. Network and Computer Applications, 2018

An Improved Spread Clutter Estimated Canceller for Main-Lobe Clutter Suppression in Small-Aperture HFSWR.
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Adaptive Beamforming Based on Compressed Sensing with Gain/Phase Uncertainties.
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Using alpha-phase modulation method to solve range ambiguity for high frequency surface wave radar.
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Measuring web service security in the era of Internet of Things.
Computers & Electrical Engineering, 2018

Fast DOA Estimation Algorithms for Sparse Uniform Linear Array With Multiple Integer Frequencies.
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Adaptive Beamforming for Sparse Array Based on Semi-Definite Programming.
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Learning to Multitask.
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A Novel Finger-Assisted Touch-free Text Input System Without Training.
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Societal Impact of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
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CoNet: Collaborative Cross Networks for Cross-Domain Recommendation.
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Underground Intelligent Logistic System Integrated with Internet of Things.
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Web-ADARE: A web-aided data repairing system.
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A Novel Robust Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm Based on Total Least Squares and Compressed Sensing.
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Design and testing of a novel rotary transformer for rotary ultrasonic machining.
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Matching Function-Call Graph of Binary Codes and Its Applications (Short Paper).
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Revenue-Driven Service Provisioning for Resource Sharing in Mobile Cloud Computing.
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The optimal parameter combination for vehicle detection from worldview-2 imagery.
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Exploring the use of volatile STT-RAM for energy efficient video processing.
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CTextEM: Using Consolidated Textual Data for Entity Matching.
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A Tabletop-Centric Smart Space for Emergency Response.
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Main-Lobe Cancellation of the Space Spread Clutter for Target Detection in HFSWR.
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NokeaRM: Employing Non-key Attributes in Record Matching.
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SmartInt: A Demonstration System for the Interaction Between Schema Mapping and Record Matching.
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HouseIn: A Housing Rental Platform with Non-redundant Information Integrated from Multiple Sources.
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Studying Accessible States of User Interfaces on Tabletops.
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