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According to our database1, Yin Zhang authored at least 208 papers between 1992 and 2020.

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Fast Split Bregman Based Deconvolution Algorithm for Airborne Radar Imaging.
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Enhancing MOEA/D with information feedback models for large-scale many-objective optimization.
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Lifelong Learning with Searchable Extension Units.
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"Wait, I'm Still Talking!" Predicting the Dialogue Interaction Behavior Using Imagine-Then-Arbitrate Model.
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Big-Data Clustering: K-Means or K-Indicators?
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Research on smart city service system based on adaptive algorithm.
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Correction to: A quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) model for Pneumocystis treatment in mice.
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Synchronization control between two Chuas circuits via capacitive coupling.
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Analysis of the High-Frequency Response of Thin Wires Irradiated by Electromagnetic Waves Through Tikhonov Regularization Technique.
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Research on Fast Target Detection And Classification Algorithm for Passive Millimeter Wave Imaging.
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Improved Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) Based Intelligent Fund Transaction Model.
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Task-Oriented Conversation Generation Using Heterogeneous Memory Networks.
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Archiving System of Rural Land Contractual Management Right Data using Multithreading and Distributed Storage Technology.
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Erratum to: Real-time transient stability status prediction using cost-sensitive extreme learning machine.
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Real-time transient stability status prediction using cost-sensitive extreme learning machine.
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A Delay-Aware Wireless Sensor Network Routing Protocol for Industrial Applications.
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基于Copulas框架的混合式查询扩展方法 (Combined Query Expansion Method Based on Copulas Framework).
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