Yipeng Zhang

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According to our database1, Yipeng Zhang authored at least 77 papers between 2012 and 2024.

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Research on heart and lung sound separation method based on DAE-NMF-VMD.
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Observer-Based Adaptive Control for a Coupled PDE-ODE System of a Flexible Wing.
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Adaptive Internal Model Control for a Flexible Wing With Unsteady Aerodynamic Loads.
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A semi-supervised cross-modal memory bank for cross-modal retrieval.
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DisenStudio: Customized Multi-subject Text-to-Video Generation with Disentangled Spatial Control.
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Integrating Present and Past in Unsupervised Continual Learning.
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Causal Graph Discovery with Retrieval-Augmented Generation based Large Language Models.
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Research on lung sound classification model based on dual-channel CNN-LSTM algorithm.
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Stealthy False Data Injection Attack Using Improved Singular Value Decomposition in Smart Grid.
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AAHEG: Automatic Advanced Heap Exploit Generation Based on Abstract Syntax Tree.
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Adaptive Style Modulation for Artistic Style Transfer.
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Scattering-Point-Guided RPN for Oriented Ship Detection in SAR Images.
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MinimalGAN: diverse medical image synthesis for data augmentation using minimal training data.
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Aye: A Trusted Forensic Method for Firmware Tampering Attacks.
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Scattering-Point Topology for Few-Shot Ship Classification in SAR Images.
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VideoDreamer: Customized Multi-Subject Text-to-Video Generation with Disen-Mix Finetuning.
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Adaptive Disentangled Transformer for Sequential Recommendation.
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On the Vulnerabilities of Text-to-SQL Models.
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IoTAEG: Automatic Exploit Generation of IoT Devices.
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A new methodology for anomaly detection of attacks in IEC 61850-based substation system.
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Parallel discriminative subspace for city target detection from high dimension images.
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On the Security Vulnerabilities of Text-to-SQL Models.
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Fine-Grained Visual Entailment.
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Delving into Rectifiers in Style-Based Image Translation.
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Conditional Sequential Slate Optimization.
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Disentangling Transfer and Interference in Multi-Domain Learning.
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Privacy Model: Detect Privacy Leakage for Chinese Browser Extensions.
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Minimizing the Regret of an Influence Provider.
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Multistage attention network for image inpainting.
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A Functional Representation for Graph Matching.
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Global context based automatic road segmentation via dilated convolutional neural network.
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Actor-Action Video Classification CSC 249/449 Spring 2020 Challenge Report.
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Monitoring Depression Trend on Twitter during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
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Robust learning with imperfect privileged information.
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Vibration Control of Tie Rod Rotors With Optimization of Unbalanced Force and Unbalanced Moment.
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A11 Your PLCs Belong to Me: ICS Ransomware Is Realistic.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Trust, 2020

A Smartphone-Based System for Real-Time Early Childhood Caries Diagnosis.
Proceedings of the Medical Ultrasound, and Preterm, Perinatal and Paediatric Image Analysis, 2020

Parallel DNN Inference Framework Leveraging a Compact RISC-V ISA-based Multi-core System.
Proceedings of the KDD '20: The 26th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2020

E3SN: Efficient End-to-End Siamese Network for Video Object Segmentation.
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Inkjet Printable ZnO/PEDOT: PSS Heterojunction for Thin Flexible Semi-Transparent Optoelectronic Sensors.
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Maxson: Reduce Duplicate Parsing Overhead on Raw Data.
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ITAA: An Intelligent Trajectory-driven Outdoor Advertising Deployment Assistant.
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