Fujiang Lin

According to our database1, Fujiang Lin authored at least 49 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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A Low-Spur and Intrinsically Aligned IL-PLL With Self-Feedback Injection Locked RO and Pseudo-Random Injection Locked Technique.
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A Low Phase Noise, High Phase Accuracy Quadrature LC-VCO With Dual-Tail Current Biasing to Insert Reconfigurable Phase Delay.
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A Single-Fed Multiband Antenna for WLAN and 5G Applications.
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A Bandwidth and Frequency Calibration Method for OOK UWB-IR Transmitter with High Energy Efficiency.
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A new idea in response to fast correlation attacks on small-state stream ciphers.
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On improved DFT-based low-complexity channel estimation algorithms for LTE-based uplink NB-IoT systems.
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An Efficient Polar Coding Scheme for Uplink Data Transmission in Narrowband Internet of Things Systems.
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A Low-Noise Digital-to-Frequency Converter Based on Injection-Locked Ring Oscillator and Rotated Phase Selection for Fractional- $N$ Frequency Synthesis.
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Temperature Variation Effect on a Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna.
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Analysis of phased array antenna system via spherical harmonics decomposition.
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Frequency-domain channel equalisation for LTE-based uplink narrowband Internet of Things systems.
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On designing secure small-state stream ciphers against time-memory-data tradeoff attacks.
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Channel Estimation and Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Analysis of Narrowband Internet of Things Uplink Systems.
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A 1-Gb/s 6-10-GHz, Filterless, Pulsed UWB Transmitter With Symmetrical Waveform Analysis and Generation.
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A Joint Low-Power Cell Search and Frequency Tracking Scheme in NB-IoT Systems for Green Internet of Things.
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A 3 mW 1.2-3.6 GHz Multi-Phase PLL-Based Clock Generator with TDC Assisted Auto-Calibration of Loop Bandwidth.
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Energy-Efficient Gain Cell and Its Applications in the Limiting Amplifier and Ring Oscillator for Gbps Communications.
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Narrowband Internet of Things: Repetition-Based Coverage Performance Analysis of Uplink Systems.
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Wireless Interconnect in Multilayer Chip-Area-Networks for Future Multimaterial High-Speed Systems Design.
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A Time-Interleaved Statistically-Driven Two-Step Flash ADC for High-Speed Wireline Applications.
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A 0.6V 19.5μW 80dB DR ΔΣ Modulator with SA-Quantizers and Digital Feedforward Path.
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All-digital background calibration technique for timing mismatch of time-interleaved ADCs.
Integr., 2017

Dual 3-phase buck converter for multi-core CPUs power supply in mobile devices.
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A highly linear voltage-to-time converter with variable conversion gain for time-based ADCs.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on ASIC, 2017

A noise-shaping SAR ADC with dual error-feedback paths and alternate DACs.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on ASIC, 2017

A 1.0-7.0 GHz inductorless RF mixer with multiple feedback and active load in 40-nm CMOS.
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A low-power digital GFSK receiver with mid-value filtering frequency offset estimator and soft anti-overlap slicer.
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A Low Complexity All-Digital Background Calibration Technique for Time-Interleaved ADCs.
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Floorplanning and Topology Synthesis for Application-Specific Network-on-Chips with RF-Interconnect.
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An Ultra-Low Power Subthreshold CMOS RSSI for Wake-Up Receiver.
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Collection of charge in NMOS from single event effect.
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A tri-mode high light-load efficiency BUCK converter for mobile phone application.
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An efficient digital calibration technique for timing mismatch in time-interleaved ADCs.
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Analysis of Current Efficiency for CMOS Class-B LC Oscillators.
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A Multibit Delta-Sigma Modulator With Double Noise-Shaped Segmentation.
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A Speed-Enhancing Dual-Trial Instantaneous Switching Architecture for SAR ADCs.
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Self-Dithering Technique for High-Resolution SAR ADC Design.
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A resistive-feedback LNA in 65 nm CMOS with a gate inductor for bandwidth extension.
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390-640MHz tunable oscillator based on phase interpolation with -120dBc/Hz in-band noise.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 2015

A Low-Power VCO based ADC with asynchronous sigma-delta modulator in 65nm CMOS.
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Digital Noise-Coupling Technique for Delta-Sigma Modulators With Segmented Quantization.
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Noncontact Accurate Measurement of Cardiopulmonary Activity Using a Compact Quadrature Doppler Radar Sensor.
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A 7.8 mW 5.2% FSK error Two-Point modulator without Calibration.
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A gigahertz wideband CMOS multiplier for UWB transceiver.
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