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According to our database1, Tao Yuan authored at least 84 papers between 2008 and 2021.

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A Deep Branch-Aggregation Network for Recognition of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow Structure.
IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas., 2021

Reconfigurable-Bandwidth DWB BPF With Fixed Operation Frequency and Controllable Stopband.
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Topological Interpretable Multi-scale Sequential Recommendation.
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Statistical Models of Overdispersed Spatial Defects for Predicting the Yield of Integrated Circuits.
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A Deep Learning Method for Improving the Classification Accuracy of SSMVEP-Based BCI.
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Design of Equal-Ripple Dual-Wideband Bandpass Filter With Minimum Design Parameters Based on Cross-Shaped Resonator.
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Synthesis Design of Chebyshev Wideband Band-Pass Filters With Independently Reconfigurable Lower Passband Edge.
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Deep Learning Based Antenna Selection for MIMO SDR System.
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User Oriented Transmit Antenna Selection in Massive Multi-User MIMO SDR Systems.
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High Resolution 3-D Imaging of Mesospheric Sodium (Na) Layer Utilizing a Novel Multilayer ICCD Imager and a Na Lidar.
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A 3-D Printed Spherical Antenna With Bandwidth Enhancement Under Operation of Dual Resonance.
IEEE Access, 2020

Ultra-Wideband MIMO Antenna System With High Element-Isolation for 5G Smartphone Application.
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Co-Located Self-Neutralized Handset Antenna Pairs With Complementary Radiation Patterns for 5G MIMO Applications.
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Design of Notched-Wideband Bandpass Filters With Reconfigurable Bandwidth Based on Terminated Cross-Shaped Resonators.
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Research on the Division of Functional Zones in Downtown Beijing Under the Background of Big Data.
Proceedings of the Spatial Data and Intelligence - First International Conference, 2020

Proximity-Based Aggregation Method for LBS Human Mobility Data.
Proceedings of the Spatial Data and Intelligence - First International Conference, 2020

A CNN Based Human Bowel Sound Segment Recognition Algorithm with Reduced Computation Complexity for Wearable Healthcare System.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 2020

Joint Inference of States, Robot Knowledge, and Human (False-)Beliefs.
Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, 2020

Structured Attention for Unsupervised Dialogue Structure Induction.
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A Compact Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Antenna With Wide Axial-Ratio Beamwidth for Vehicle GPS Satellite Navigation Application.
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Optimum Periodic Component Reallocation and System Replacement Maintenance.
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A Novel Active Mechanical HVDC Breaker With Consecutive Interruption Capability for Fault Clearances in MMC-HVDC Systems.
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A Compact 16-Way High-Power Combiner Implemented Via 3-D Metal Printing Technique for Advanced Radio-Frequency Electronics System Applications.
IEEE Trans. Ind. Electron., 2019

Design and maintenance for the data storage system considering system rebuilding process.
Reliab. Eng. Syst. Saf., 2019

Optimal decisions on product reliability, sales and promotion under nonrenewable warranties.
Reliab. Eng. Syst. Saf., 2019

Reliability assessment of a continuous-state fuel cell stack system with multiple degrading components.
Reliab. Eng. Syst. Saf., 2019

Importance-measure based methods for component reassignment problem of degrading components.
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The Effect of Snow Depth on Spring Wildfires on the Hulunbuir from 2001-2018 Based on MODIS.
Remote. Sens., 2019

Wideband miniaturized 8-element sub-6 GHz MIMO antenna system for mobile handset applications.
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HUGE2: a Highly Untangled Generative-model Engine for Edge-computing.
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Design of Reconfigurable SDR Platform for Antenna Selection Aided MIMO Communication System.
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Resonator-Fed Wideband and High-Gain Patch Antenna With Enhanced Selectivity and Reduced Cross-Polarization.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Compact LTCC Decoupling-Network Based on Coupled-Resonator for Antenna Interference Suppression of Adjacent Frequency Bands.
IEEE Access, 2019

Wideband Phase-Gradient Metasurface Antenna With Focused Beams.
IEEE Access, 2019

A Frequency-Reconfigurable Antenna With 1-mm Nonground Portion for Metal-Frame and Full-Display Screen Handset Applications Using Mode Control Method.
IEEE Access, 2019

Compact Microstrip NWB/DWB BPFs With Controllable Isolation Bandwidth for Interference Rejection.
IEEE Access, 2019

Design of Wideband and High-Gain Slotline Antenna Using Multi-Mode Radiator.
IEEE Access, 2019

Slotted Hemispherical Resonators for 3-D Printed Waveguide Filters With Extended Spurious-Free Stopbands.
IEEE Access, 2019

PerspectiveNet: 3D Object Detection from a Single RGB Image via Perspective Points.
Proceedings of the Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 32: Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems 2019, 2019

Holistic++ Scene Understanding: Single-View 3D Holistic Scene Parsing and Human Pose Estimation With Human-Object Interaction and Physical Commonsense.
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The Design Patent Images Classification Based on Image Caption Model.
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A sectional degree match approximate Min-sum decoding algorithm for LDPC.
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Low-Profile Flexible UHF RFID Tag Design for Wristbands Applications.
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An Equivalent Circuit of Longitudinal Vibration for a Piezoelectric Structure with Losses.
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An LTCC Interference Cancellation Device for Closely Spaced Antennas Decoupling.
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An Azimuth-Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna Based on Water Grating Reflector.
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Monolithically 3-D Printed Hemispherical Resonator Waveguide Filters With Improved Out-of-Band Rejections.
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A Frequency-Reconfigurable Tuner-Loaded Coupled-Fed Frame-Antenna for All-Metal-Shell Handsets.
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Analysis of China's Urban Network Structure from the Perspective of "Streaming".
Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on Geoinformatics, 2018

Scene-Centric Joint Parsing of Cross-View Videos.
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Online Fault Diagnosis of Motor Bearing via Stochastic-Resonance-Based Adaptive Filter in an Embedded System.
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Birnbaum importance based heuristics for multi-type component assignment problems.
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Joint Parsing of Cross-view Scenes with Spatio-temporal Semantic Parse Graphs.
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A Kalman filter based force-feedback control system for hydrodynamic investigation of unsteady aquatic propulsion.
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Distributed optimization of multi-building energy systems with spatially and temporally coupled constraints.
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