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According to our database1, L. Zhang authored at least 88 papers between 1984 and 2018.

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Patch-based face recognition using a hierarchical multi-label matcher.
Image Vision Comput., 2018

Hierarchical Multi-label Classification using Fully Associative Ensemble Learning.
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Characterisation of defects generated during constant current InGaN-on-silicon LED operation.
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Understanding MOOC students: motivations and behaviours indicative of MOOC completion.
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A food traceability framework for dairy and other low-margin products.
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Real-time Texture Synthesis and Concurrent Random-access Rendering for Low-cost GPU Chip Design.
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An object-oriented symbolic approach to the automated derivation of finite element contributions.
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A new L1-regularized time-varying autoregressive model for brain connectivity estimation: A study using visual task-related fMRI data.
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220GHz wide-band MEMS switch in standard BiCMOS technology.
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Design of improved Luby transform codes with decreasing ripple size and feedback.
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Boosting Techniques for Physics-Based Vortex Detection.
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Clustering in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks using Affinity Propagation.
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Towards a BIM Approach for a High Performance Renovation of Apartment Buildings.
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An open-close table based path-planning algorithm for partially updated distance map.
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The dependency of TSV keep-out zone (KOZ) on Si crystal direction and liner material.
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Research on measurement method of resource service composition flexibility in service-oriented manufacturing system.
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Research on manufacturing grid resource service optimal-selection and composition framework.
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Medical image processing and computer-aided detection/diagnosis (CAD).
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A Novel Autonomous Localization Technique of Subsea in-Pipe Robot.
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Unified modelling and analysis of collaboration business process based on Petri nets and Pi calculus.
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A deterministic way of planning and controlling biped walking of LOCH humanoid robot.
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A novel scheme for protecting receiver's location privacy in wireless sensor networks.
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Parallel Testing of a Phase-Locked Loop Lock Time in Production.
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UWB Echo Signal Detection With Ultra-Low Rate Sampling Based on Compressed Sensing.
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Result Refinement in Web Services Retrieval Based on Multiple Instances Learning.
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The Theory and Implementation of InputValidator: A Semi-Automated Value-Level Bypass Testing Tool.
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Association rule mining for product and process variety mapping.
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Dynamic multicast routing and wavelength assignment using generic graph model for wavelength-division-multiplexing networks.
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Detection and avoidance scheme for direct-sequence ultra-wideband system: a step towards cognitive radio.
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Types for task-based access control in workflow systems.
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MCTF-Based Curvelet Video Compression Algorithm.
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Application of Knowledge Hub and RFID Technology in Auditing and Tracking of Plasterboard for Environment Recycling and Waste Disposal.
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A novel ballonet polishing tool and its robot control system for polishing the curved surface of mould.
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Detecting overlapping use cases.
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A Fully Integrated MIMO Multi-Band Direct-Conversion CMOS Transceiver for WLAN Applications (802.11n).
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Identification of structural parameters based on PZT impedance using genetic algorithms.
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Process improvement of 0.13mum Cu/Low K (Black DiamondTM) dual damascene interconnection.
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Genetic algorithm-trained radial basis function neural networks for modelling photovoltaic panels.
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A tabu search algorithm for the safe transportation of hazardous materials.
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Order relation is the necessary condition of success of fuzzy control system.
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