Fei Tao

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A Discrete-Time Average Model-Based Predictive Control for a Quasi-Z-Source Inverter.
IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, 2018

A two-step approach to describing web topics via probable keywords and prototype images from background-removed similarities.
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An Internet of things and cloud-based approach for energy consumption evaluation and analysis for a product.
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An Ensemble Framework of Voice-Based Emotion Recognition System for Films and TV Programs.
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Advanced LSTM: A Study about Better Time Dependency Modeling in Emotion Recognition.
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Call for Papers Issue 3/2019 - Data Analytics and Optimization for Decision Support.
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Digital Twin Shop-Floor: A New Shop-Floor Paradigm Towards Smart Manufacturing.
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Assessment and classification of singing quality based on audio-visual features.
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Understand driver awareness through brake behavior analysis: Reactive versus intended hard brake.
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Improving Boundary Estimation in Audiovisual Speech Activity Detection Using Bayesian Information Criterion.
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A Portable Automatic PA-TA-KA Syllable Detection System to Derive Biomarkers for Neurological Disorders.
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Classifier Selection for Locomotion Mode Recognition Using Wearable Capacitive Sensing Systems.
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A 3D Visualization Framework for Real-time Distribution and Situation Forecast of Atmospheric Chemical Pollution.
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Modelling of combinable relationship-based composition service network and the theoretical proof of its scale-free characteristics.
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A methodology towards virtualisation-based high performance simulation platform supporting multidisciplinary design of complex products.
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