Li Kang

According to our database1, Li Kang authored at least 20 papers between 2006 and 2019.

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PhD thesis 




Privacy-preserving decentralized ABE for secure sharing of personal health records in cloud storage.
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Inter-Area Interference Modeling in Distributed Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.
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Identifying Influential Spreaders of Epidemics on Community Networks.
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Infrared small target detection with compressive measurements.
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Suppression of VCO pulling effects using even-harmonic quiet transmitting circuits.
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Attitude Heading Reference System Using MEMS Inertial Sensors with Dual-Axis Rotation.
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A fast in-situ SINS and Doppler sensor calibration algorithm for underwater vehicle navigation.
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Tight chosen ciphertext attack (CCA)-secure hybrid encryption scheme with full public verifiability.
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Ontology-Based Skills Knowledge Base Construction Method and Its Application in Educational Games.
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An ontology-based knowledge representation and implement method for crop cultivation standard.
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A Construction Model for 3D Imaging of Scanning Acoustic Microscopy.
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The algorithms for the bi-level programming location model based on the demand assigning.
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Personalized Tweet Ranking Based on AHP: A Case Study of Micro-blogging Message Ranking in T.Sina.
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Implementation and Design of Agricultural Product Cultivating Standard Ontology Database Mode.
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A SVM-Based Text Classification System for Knowledge Organization Method of Crop Cultivation.
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Study on Remotely Sensed Data Access and Integration Grid-enabled Middleware.
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