Pere-Pau Vázquez

According to our database1, Pere-Pau Vázquez authored at least 51 papers between 2000 and 2018.

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Monte Carlo Convolution for Learning on Non-Uniformly Sampled Point Clouds.
CoRR, 2018

Visual Analysis of protein-ligand interactions.
Comput. Graph. Forum, 2018

A General Illumination Model for Molecular Visualization.
Comput. Graph. Forum, 2018

Progressive ray casting for volumetric models on mobile devices.
Computers & Graphics, 2018

Interactive GPU-based generation of solvent-excluded surfaces.
The Visual Computer, 2017

An experimental study on the effects of shading in 3D perception of volumetric models.
The Visual Computer, 2017

Physics-Based Visual Characterization of Molecular Interaction Forces.
IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph., 2017

Semi-automatic Colonic Content Analysis for Diagnostic.
Proceedings of the Eurographics Conference on Visualization, 2017

Mobile graphics.
Proceedings of the SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Courses, Bangkok, Thailand, November 27 - 30, 2017, 2017

Adaptive transfer functions - Improved multiresolution visualization of medical models.
The Visual Computer, 2016

Real-Time Molecular Visualization Supporting Diffuse Interreflections and Ambient Occlusion.
IEEE Trans. Vis. Comput. Graph., 2016

High quality illustrative effects for molecular rendering.
Computers & Graphics, 2016

Optimized screen-space ambient occlusion in mobile devices.
Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Web3D Technology, 2016

Human-Document Interaction Systems - A New Frontier for Document Image Analysis.
Proceedings of the 12th IAPR Workshop on Document Analysis Systems, 2016

Instant Visualization of Secondary Structures of Molecular Models.
Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop on Visual Computing for Biology and Medicine, 2015

InclineType: An Accelerometer-based Typing Approach for Smartwatches.
Proceedings of the XVI International Conference on Human Computer Interaction, 2015

DAAPMed: A Data-aware Anchor Point Selection Tool for Medical Models in VR Environments.
Proceedings of the GRAPP & IVAPP 2013: Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications and International Conference on Information Visualization Theory and Applications, 2013

Using Normalized Compression Distance for image similarity measurement: an experimental study.
The Visual Computer, 2012

Adaptive Cross-sections of Anatomical Models.
Comput. Graph. Forum, 2012

Practical Volume Rendering in Mobile Devices.
Proceedings of the Advances in Visual Computing - 8th International Symposium, 2012

Fast Illustrative Visualization of Fiber Tracts.
Proceedings of the Advances in Visual Computing - 8th International Symposium, 2012

Uncertainty Visualization of Brain Fibers.
Proceedings of the XXII Spanish Computer Graphics Conference, 2012

Efficient Selection of Representative Views and Navigation Paths for Volume Data Exploration.
Proceedings of the Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences II, 2012

Real-time ambient occlusion and halos with Summed Area Tables.
Computers & Graphics, 2010

Cost-effective Feature Enhancement for Volume Datasets.
Proceedings of the Vision, Modeling, and Visualization Workshop 2010, Siegen, Germany, 2010

Depth-Enhanced Maximum Intensity Projection.
Proceedings of the Eurographics / IEEE VGTC Workshop on Volume Graphics 2010, 2010

Automatic view selection through depth-based view stability analysis.
The Visual Computer, 2009

The virtual magic lantern: an interaction metaphor for enhanced medical data inspection.
Proceedings of the ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, 2009

Rendering Falling Leaves on Graphics Hardware.
JVRB, 2008

An interactive 3D framework for anatomical education.
Int. J. Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 2008

Representative Views and Paths for Volume Models.
Proceedings of the Smart Graphics, 8th International Symposium, 2008

S3Dc: A 3Dc-based Volume Compression Algorithm.
Proceedings of the XVIII Spanish Computer Graphics Conference, 2008

Automatic Light Source Placement for Maximum Visual Information Recovery.
Comput. Graph. Forum, 2007

Omni-directional Relief Impostors.
Comput. Graph. Forum, 2007

MTCut: GPU-based Marching Tetra Cuts.
Proceedings of the EG UK Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics, 2007

Correlating Text and Images: Concept and Evaluation.
Proceedings of the Smart Graphics, 7th International Symposium, 2007

Mutual text-image queries.
Proceedings of the 23rd Spring Conference on Computer Graphics, 2007

Real time falling leaves.
Proceedings of the GRAPP 2007, 2007

Realtime automatic selection of good molecular views.
Computers & Graphics, 2006

A Programmable Tutor for OpenGL Transformations.
Proceedings of the Eurographics 2006, 2006

Bandwidth reduction for remote navigation systems through view prediction and progressive transmission.
Future Generation Comp. Syst., 2004

Way-Finder: Guided Tours Through Complex Walkthrough Models.
Comput. Graph. Forum, 2004

Point-Based Modeling from a Single Image.
Proceedings of the Computational Science, 2004

Automatic View Selection Using Viewpoint Entropy and its Applications to Image-based Modelling.
Comput. Graph. Forum, 2003

Perception-Based Illumination Information Measurement and Light Source Placement.
Proceedings of the Computational Science and Its Applications, 2003

Fast Adaptive Selection of Best Views.
Proceedings of the Computational Science and Its Applications, 2003

Automatic Keyframe Selection for High-Quality Image-Based Walkthrough Animation Using Viewpoint Entropy.
Proceedings of the 10-th International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, 2002

Viewpoint Entropy: A New Tool for Obtaining Good Views of Molecules.
Proceedings of the 2002 Joint Eurographics and IEEE TCVG Symposium on Visualization, 2002

Bandwidth Reduction Techniques for Remote Navigation Systems.
Proceedings of the Computational Science - ICCS 2002, 2002

Viewpoint Selection using Viewpoint Entropy.
Proceedings of the Vision Modeling and Visualization Conference 2001 (VMV-01), 2001

Unified Approach to Prefiltered Environment Maps.
Proceedings of the Eurographics Workshop on Rendering Techniques 2000, 2000