Xiaowei Li

According to our database1, Xiaowei Li authored at least 58 papers between 2008 and 2020.

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Inspection of Mine Wire Rope Using Magnetic Aggregation Bridge Based on Magnetic Resistance Sensor Array.
IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas., 2020

Sub-Gaussian Matrices on Sets: Optimal Tail Dependence and Applications.
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Trajectory Tracking Based on Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Agricultural Tractor.
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Set-Membership Filtering for Nonlinear Dynamic Systems With Quadratic Inequality Constraints.
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A functional network study of patients with mild depression based on source location.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine, 2020

EEG Based Depression Recognition by Combining Functional Brain Network and Traditional Biomarkers.
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A Near-Optimal UAV-Aided Radio Coverage Strategy for Dense Urban Areas.
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Copyright Protection for Holographic Video Using Spatiotemporal Consistent Embedding Strategy.
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Comments on "Provably Secure Dynamic Id-Based Anonymous Two-Factor Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol With Extended Security Model".
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一种基于CSI的非合作式人体行为识别方法 (Non-cooperative Human Behavior Recognition Method Based on CSI).
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Rechargeable Multi-UAV Aided Seamless Coverage for QoS-Guaranteed IoT Networks.
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An Adaptive and Secure Holographic Image Watermarking Scheme.
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Fast Code Clone Detection Based on Weighted Recursive Autoencoders.
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Deep Learning for Improving the Robustness of Image Encryption.
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Joint Node Assignment and Trajectory Optimization for Rechargeable Multi-UAV Aided IoT Systems.
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Set-Membership Filtering with Quadratic Inequality Constraints.
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An Energy-Efficient UAV Recharging and Reshuffling Strategy for Seamless Coverage.
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JCallGraph: Tracing Microservices in Very Large Scale Container Cloud Platforms.
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3D Segmentation of Mice Gland Based on Ensemble Learning.
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Two-Step Integral Imaging Coding Based Three-Dimensional Information Encryption Approach.
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Hierarchically controlled remote preparation of an arbitrary single-qubit state by using a four-qubit \(|\chi \rangle \) entangled state.
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基于数据规范化的co-location模式挖掘算法 (Co-location Pattern Mining Algorithm Based on Data Normalization).
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Modified integral imaging reconstruction and encryption using an improved SR reconstruction algorithm.
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Natural Scene Text Detection Based on Deep Supervised Fully Convolutional Network.
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An estimation method for the parameters of elliptic cone surface.
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Asymmetric bidirectional controlled remote preparation of an arbitrary four-qubit cluster-type state and a single-qubit state.
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Designing Three-Dimensional Cellular Automata Based Video Authentication With an Optical Integral Imaging Generated Memory-Distributed Watermark.
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Fast Background Removal Method for 3D Multi-channel Deep Tissue Fluorescence Imaging.
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An Enhanced Transportation Mode Detection Method Based on GPS Data.
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Chaotic image encryption using pseudo-random masks and pixel mapping.
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Wide Operational Range Processor Power Delivery Design for Both Super-Threshold Voltage and Near-Threshold Voltage Computing.
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Monitoring fatigue cracks of a metal structure using an eddy current sensor.
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Optimization of Chemical Fungicide Combinations Targeting the Maize Fungal Pathogen, Bipolaris maydis: A Systematic Quantitative Approach.
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A privacy preserving authentication scheme for roaming services in global mobility networks.
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Multi-objective optimization of urban bus network using cumulative prospect theory.
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An optical image encryption scheme based on depth-conversion integral imaging and chaotic maps.
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Genetic Algorithm for Multiple Bus Line Coordination on Urban Arterial.
Comput. Intell. Neurosci., 2015

A highly accurate protein structural class prediction approach using auto cross covariance transformation and recursive feature elimination.
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MOST: a software environment for constraint-based metabolic modeling and strain design.
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Computational integral imaging-based 3D digital watermarking scheme using cellular automata transform and maximum length cellular automata.
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Power Cable Fault Recognition Based on an Annealed Chaotic Competitive Learning Network.
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A new certificateless authenticated key agreement protocol for SIP with different KGCs.
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New Methodologies for Parallel Architecture.
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The uncertainty evaluation of mid-infrared spectra for tea.
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