Yuegang Tan

According to our database1, Yuegang Tan authored at least 23 papers between 2001 and 2020.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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The compliant effect of controlled spine on interaction with the ground in quadruped trotting.
J. Systems & Control Engineering, 2020

The Detection of the Pipe Crack Utilizing the Operational Modal Strain Identified from Fiber Bragg Grating.
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Feasibility Study on Temperature Distribution Measurement Method of Thrust Sliding Bearing Bush Based on FBG Quasi-Distributed Sensing.
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An FBG based smart clamp fabricated by 3D printing technology and its application to incipient clamp looseness detection.
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A temperature-insensitive FBG displacement sensor with a 10-nanometer-grade resolution.
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Influence of the incident angle of strain wave on the sensing sensitivity of fiber Bragg grating.
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Dynamic Modeling and Fault Feature Analysis of Pitted Gear System.
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On research of incipient gear pitting fault detection using optic fiber sensors.
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Diaphragm Based Fiber Bragg Grating Acceleration Sensor with Temperature Compensation.
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Position control of a robot finger with variable stiffness actuated by shape memory alloy.
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Research on pasted FBG-based accelerometer's sensitization process method and its characteristics.
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