Hiroshi Yamaguchi

According to our database1, Hiroshi Yamaguchi authored at least 46 papers between 2002 and 2021.

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OPTWEB: A Lightweight Fully Connected Inter-FPGA Network for Efficient Collectives.
IEEE Trans. Computers, 2021

A magnetic field coupling lattice Boltzmann model and its application on the merging process of multiple-ferrofluid-droplet system.
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Accelerating Parallel Sort on Tightly-Coupled FPGAs enabled by Onboard Si-Photonics Transceivers.
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Error-Free Operation for Fully Connected Wavelength-Routing Interconnect among 8 FPGAs with 2.8-Tbit/s Total Bandwidth.
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Fingertip-Size Optical Module, "Optical I/O Core", and Its Application in FPGA.
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3D Transparent Visualization of Relief-Type Cultural Heritage Assets Based on Depth Reconstruction of Old Monocular Photos.
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Application of Stochastic Point-Based Rendering to Laser-Scanned Point Clouds of Various Cultural Heritage Objects.
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3D Reconstruction and Transparent Visualization of Indonesian Cultural Heritage from a Single Image.
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Generating AIML Rules from Twitter Conversations.
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Improving Transparent Visualization of Large-Scale Laser-Scanned Point Clouds by Using Poisson Disk Sampling.
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Energy Dissipation in Graphene Mechanical Resonators with and without Free Edges.
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Privacy Preserving Logic Formula Calculation in Cloud.
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Inverse macro in Scala.
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Throwing Darts Training Support System Based on Analysis of Human Motor Skill.
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Text Segmentation by Language Using Minimum Description Length.
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Parallel Association Rule Mining for Medical Applications.
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General Election Hatena: The First Political Prediction Market in Japan.
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A Social Transformation-Emergence of the Knowledge Society.
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Realization of a Computer Simulation Environment Based on ITBL and a Large Scale GW Calculation Performed on This Platform.
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Creating a New Service on The Web.
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A Study of Simultaneous Lightness Perception for Stimuli with Multiple Illumination Levels.
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EMG automatic switch for FES control for hemiplegics using artificial neural network.
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