Zhiyu Wang

According to our database1, Zhiyu Wang authored at least 59 papers between 2008 and 2021.

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Accurate and Explainable Recommendation via Hierarchical Attention Network Oriented Towards Crowd Intelligence.
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Anti-Ramsey Number of Edge-Disjoint Rainbow Spanning Trees.
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Drosophila-Inspired 3D Moving Object Detection Based on Point Clouds.
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Improving Power Output of Battery and Mode Switching Frequency Based on Real-Time Average Power Method for Multi-Mode Hybrid Energy Storage System in Electric Vehicles.
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Position Estimation Method of IPMSM in Full Speed Range by Simplified Quadratic Optimization.
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Snr-Based Teachers-Student Technique For Speech Enhancement.
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Masking and Inpainting: A Two-Stage Speech Enhancement Approach for Low SNR and Non-Stationary Noise.
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An effective DC offset calibration method combined with analog and digital circuits for direct conversion receivers.
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Complex Real-Time Network Topology Generation Optimization Based on Message Flow Control.
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Performing DNA Strand Displacement with DNA Polymerase.
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Bilateral Correspondence Model for Words-and-Pictures Association in Multimedia-Rich Microblogs.
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A data-driven study of image feature extraction and fusion.
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What Videos Are Similar with You?: Learning a Common Attributed Representation for Video Recommendation.
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Validating models of bacterial chemotaxis by simulating the random motility coefficient.
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