Wenqi Liu

According to our database1, Wenqi Liu authored at least 47 papers between 2004 and 2021.

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Concept-Cognitive Learning Model for Incremental Concept Learning.
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A Neural-Network-Based Approach to Chinese-Uyghur Organization Name Translation.
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Wavelength- and Intensity-Demodulated Dual-Wavelength Fiber Laser Sensor for Simultaneous RH and Temperature Detection.
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Triple-I FMP algorithm for double hierarchical fuzzy system based on manifold learning.
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复杂网络上多智能体系统的一致性研究 (Research of Consensus in Multi-agent Systems on Complex Network).
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Concurrent concept-cognitive learning model for classification.
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Green Mobility Management in UAV-Assisted IoT Based on Dueling DQN.
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A classroom concentration model based on computer vision.
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Collision Avoidance Design on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in 3D Space.
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High-Precision Multi-UAV Teaming for the First Outdoor Night Show in Singapore.
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Managing consensus and self-confidence in multiplicative preference relations in group decision making.
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基于粒计算与信息融合的P2P网贷用户信用评估 (Credit Evaluation of P2P Lending User Based on Granular Computing and Information Fusion).
计算机科学, 2016

Quality Credit Supervision Research Based on Minimum Dataset: With the Licensed Enterprises in Kunming of China for Case.
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Optimize the spectrum sensing and decision making strategies under uncertainty for SATCOM.
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Design and implementation of an unmanned aerial vehicle for autonomous firefighting missions.
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An autonomous quadrotor for indoor exploration with laser scanner and depth camera.
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A new type of preference relations: Fuzzy preference relations with self-confidence.
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不完备形式背景下近似概念格的公理化方法 (Axiomatic Characterizations of Approximate Concept Lattices in Incomplete Contexts).
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Research on Labeling Land Use Management Information for Land Use Change Survey Based on "3S" Technology.
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Physical-Layer Secrecy Performance in Finite Blocklength Case.
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Autoencoder-Based Collaborative Filtering.
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A novel second-order feedforward approach for tracking control of a class of motion systems with flexible modes.
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