Yu Shen

According to our database1, Yu Shen authored at least 52 papers between 1992 and 2020.

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An Integrated Approach for Tram Prioritization in Signalized Corridors.
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Rapid Estimation of Road Friction for Anti-Skid Autonomous Driving.
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Robust Filtering of Discrete-Time Linear Systems With Correlated Process and Measurement Noises.
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Cross-directional Feature Fusion Network for Building Damage Assessment from Satellite Imagery.
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Efficient Deep Learning of Non-local Features for Hyperspectral Image Classification.
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Modeling Epidemic Spreading through Public Transit using Time-Varying Encounter Network.
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Dynamic Interaction between Shared Autonomous Vehicles and Public Transit: A Competitive Perspective.
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Energy and Materials-Saving Management via Deep Learning for Wastewater Treatment Plants.
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A Localization Based on Unscented Kalman Filter and Particle Filter Localization Algorithms.
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A Dimension Reduction Method Used in Detecting Errors of Distribution Transformer Connectivity.
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Deep Neural Network-Embedded Internet of Social Computing Things for Sustainability Prediction.
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A Robust Automatic Method for Removing Projective Distortion of Photovoltaic Modules from Close Shot Images.
Proceedings of the Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, Third Chinese Conference, 2020

Unravel the landscape and pulses of cycling activities from a dockless bike-sharing system.
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Resilient Wide-Area Damping Control Using GrHDP to Tolerate Communication Failures.
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Dual-modal Physiological Feature Fusion-based Sleep Recognition Using CFS and RF Algorithm.
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SDBPR: Social distance-aware Bayesian personalized ranking for recommendation.
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A markerless automatic deformable registration framework for augmented reality navigation of laparoscopy partial nephrectomy.
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A practical marker-less image registration method for augmented reality oral and maxillofacial surgery.
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A Fast 3D Brain Extraction and Visualization Framework Using Active Contour and Modern OpenGL Pipelines.
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A Spectral-Spatial Domain-Specific Convolutional Deep Extreme Learning Machine for Supervised Hyperspectral Image Classification.
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An Enhanced Group Recommender System by Exploiting Preference Relation.
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Optimizing Traditional Transforms for Vehicular Network Sign Classification.
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Advanced Self-Improving Ramp Metering Algorithm based on Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning.
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Influencing Factors and Adaptive Strategies of Electric Power Demand in the "New Normal" Environment of Economy Operation.
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Scene Text Detection Via Cascade FPN and Channel Enhancement.
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Quantile regression for partially linear varying-coefficient model with censoring indicators missing at random.
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Cross-language Projection of Dependency Trees with Constrained Partial Parsing for Tree-to-Tree Machine Translation.
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ELM-based spectral-spatial classification of hyperspectral images using bilateral filtering information on spectral band-subsets.
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A Neural Hysteresis Model for Smart-Materials-Based Actuators.
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A geometry-based path loss model for high-speed-train environments in LTE-A networks.
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Joint Multiview Fused ELM Learning with Propagation Filter for Hyperspectral Image Classification.
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Large-Scale Wireless Temperature Monitoring System for Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage Tanks.
Sensors, 2015

基于改进Tetrolet变换的图像融合算法研究 (Research of Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Improved Tetrolet Transform).
计算机科学, 2015

Cross-language Projection of Dependency Trees for Tree-to-tree Machine Translation.
Proceedings of the 29th Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation, 2015

Blind Motion Deblurring Based on Fused l<sub>0</sub>-l<sub>1</sub> Regularization.
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Design and Implementation of Regional Numerical Weather Prediction Operation Management System.
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The design and implementation of the kernel level mobile storage medium data protection system.
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Defensive strategy of the goalkeeper based on the 3D vision and field division for the middle-size league of robocup.
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Hybrid Fragmentation to Preserve Data Privacy for SaaS.
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To Design Logic Circuits by Using Symmetrical Coordinate.
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P2P-Based Semantic Policy Infrastucture for Pervasive Computing.
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PSO Algorithm Used for Searching the Optimum of Automatic PMD Compensation.
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A computer assistant for vehicle dispatching with learning capabilities.
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Neural networks for automated vehicle dispatching.
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