Christophe Muller

According to our database1, Christophe Muller authored at least 20 papers between 2004 and 2014.

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Synchronous Non-Volatile Logic Gate Design Based on Resistive Switching Memories.
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Design and analysis of crossbar architecture based on complementary resistive switching non-volatile memory cells.
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SPICE level analysis of Single Event Effects in an OxRRAM cell.
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A hybrid CBRAM/CMOS Look-Up-Table structure for improving performance efficiency of Field-Programmable-Gate-Array.
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A CBRAM-based compact interconnect switch for non-volatile reconfigurable logic circuits.
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Non-Volatile Flip-Flop Based on Unipolar ReRAM for Power-Down Applications.
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Multidimensional inequality comparisons: A compensation perspective.
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Models for Identification of Erroneous Atom-to-Atom Mapping of Reactions Performed by Automated Algorithms.
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Bipolar ReRAM Based non-volatile flip-flops for low-power architectures.
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Applicability Domains for Classification Problems: Benchmarking of Distance to Models for Ames Mutagenicity Set.
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Emerging Concepts in Non-volatile Memory Technologies - Era of Resistance Switching Memories.
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Stockage haute densité : une nécessité pour l'informatique, un défi pour la microélectronique.
Proceedings of the 20èmes Journées Bases de Données Avancées, 2004