Chuang Liu

According to our database1, Chuang Liu authored at least 53 papers between 2001 and 2019.

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A membrane algorithm based on chemical reaction optimization for many-objective optimization problems.
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Iron Loss and Efficiency Analysis of Interior PM Machines for Electric Vehicle Applications.
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Bertrand Oligopoly Competition in Composite Web Service Network.
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Minimizing the total cost of barrier coverage in a linear domain.
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In silico polypharmacology of natural products.
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Minimizing the resource consumption of heterogeneous batch-processing machines using a copula-based estimation of distribution algorithm.
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An improved estimation of distribution algorithm for cloud computing resource scheduling.
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An Energy-Efficient Multicasting Algorithm for Duty-Cycled WSNs.
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Novel Hybrid LLC Resonant and DAB Linear DC-DC Converter: Average Model and Experimental Verification.
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Unsupervised classification of PolSAR data based on a novel polarization feature.
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Monitoring of powdery mildew on Winter wheat using multi-temporal HJ-CCD imagery on a regional scale.
Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2017

Community Detection in Networks by Using Multiobjective Membrane Algorithm.
Proceedings of the Neural Information Processing - 24th International Conference, 2017

Utilizing communication range to shorten the route of sweep coverage.
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Mapping Heavy Metals in Cultivated Soils Based on Land Use Types and Cokriging.
Proceedings of the Geo-Spatial Knowledge and Intelligence - 5th International Conference, 2017

A Framework for Overall Storage Overflow Problem to Maximize the Lifetime in WSNs.
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A hybrid evolutionary algorithm based on tissue membrane systems and CMA-ES for solving numerical optimization problems.
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Investigating cellular network heterogeneity and modularity in cancer: a network entropy and unbalanced motif approach.
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A Construction Method of Road and Residence Correlation Based on Urban Skeleton Network.
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Sweep Coverage with Return Time Constraint.
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Detecting Overlapping Community in Social Networks Based on Fuzzy Membership Degree.
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A Gene Gravity Model for the Evolution of Cancer Genomes: A Study of 3, 000 Cancer Genomes across 9 Cancer Types.
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Impact of Radio Irregularities on Connectivity of Wireless Networks with Log-Normal Shadowing.
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Implementation of Short Read Alignment Algorithm in OpenCL on Xeon Phi Coprocessor.
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Indoor Localization via Candidate Fingerprints and Genetic Algorithm.
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A Sensor Deployment Strategy in Bus-Based Hybrid Ad-Hoc Networks.
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Energy-efficient data storage solutions under sink failures.
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Energy Efficient Task Assignment with Guaranteed Probability Satisfying Timing Constraints for Embedded Systems.
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NECAS: Near field communication system for smartphones based on visible light.
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A study of the human-robot synchronous control system based on skeletal tracking technology.
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A Study of Model and Representation Based on a Duhemian Thesis.
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Cascade Dual-Boost/Buck Active-Front-End Converter for Intelligent Universal Transformer.
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The Unified Logging Infrastructure for Data Analytics at Twitter.
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Prediction of Drug-Target Interactions and Drug Repositioning via Network-Based Inference.
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Application of Recommendation System: An Empirical Study of the Mobile Reading Platform.
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AFSO: An Adaptative Frame Size Optimization Mechanism for 802.11 Networks.
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An overview of energy efficiency analytical models in communication networks.
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A Self-Similarity Frame Traffic Model Based on the Frame Components in 802.11 Networks.
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Seasonal Variation of MODIS Vegetation Indexes and Their Statistical Relationship With Climate Over the Subtropic Evergreen Forest in Zhejiang, China.
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Efficient Processing of Relational Queries with Sum Constraints.
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Anomaly detection and diagnosis in grid environments.
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