Hong Zheng

According to our database1, Hong Zheng authored at least 109 papers between 1996 and 2020.

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Fractional Fourier Transform-Based Radio Frequency Interference Suppression for High-Frequency Surface Wave Radar.
Remote. Sens., 2020

Reselling or drop shipping: Strategic analysis of E-commerce dual-channel structures.
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Inducing Downstream Information Sharing via Manufacturer Information Acquisition and Retailer Subsidy.
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Cost-Quality Adaptive Active Learning for Chinese Clinical Named Entity Recognition.
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Predicting Invasive Disease-Free Survival for Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients Using Follow-Up Clinical Data.
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An Improved spectral Clustering Algorithm for Large-Scale wind farm Power Prediction.
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Active Learning for Chinese Word Segmentation in Medical Text.
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Can Reinforcement Learning Enhance Social Capital?
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A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Gaining Social Capital with Partial Observation.
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Anomaly Detection for Screw Tightening Timing Data with LSTM Recurrent Neural Network.
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Establishing Ties with Bounded Capacity and Limited Network Access.
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In Pursuit of Social Capital: Upgrading Social Circle Through Edge Rewiring.
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Nonlane-Discipline-Based Car-Following Model for Electric Vehicles in Transportation- Cyber-Physical Systems.
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Improving the Error of Time Differences of Arrival on Partial Discharges Measurement in Gas-Insulated Switchgear.
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Seismic Remote Sensing of Super Typhoon Lupit (2009) with Seismological Array Observation in NE China.
Remote. Sens., 2018

Seismological Observations of Ocean Swells Induced by Typhoon Megi Using Dispersive Microseisms Recorded in Coastal Areas.
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Onboard Spectral and Spatial Cloud Detection for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images.
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基于矩阵的工作流逻辑网模型的化简及验证 (Simplification and Verification of Matrix-based Workflow Logic Net Model).
计算机科学, 2018

Industrial part localization and grasping using a robotic arm guided by 2D monocular vision.
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A formal method for software architecture analysis based on aspect orientation.
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From the Periphery to the Center: Information Brokerage in an Evolving Network.
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Simultaneous single- and multi-contrast super-resolution for brain MRI images based on a convolutional neural network.
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Multi-Contrast Brain MRI Image Super-Resolution With Gradient-Guided Edge Enhancement.
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UGC: Real-Time, Ultra-Robust Feature Correspondence via Unilateral Grid-Based Clustering.
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Detection proposal method based on shallow feature constraints.
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Memory network for tracking with deep regression.
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From the Periphery to the Core: Information Brokerage in an Evolving Network.
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Balancing the Pain and Gain of Hobnobbing: Utility-Based Network Building over Atributed Social Networks.
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Crowd density estimation based on convolutional neural networks with mixed pooling.
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Crowd Density Estimation of Scenic Spots Based on Multifeature Ensemble Learning.
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Van Der Waals heterogeneous layer-layer carbon nanostructures involving π···H-C-C-H···π···H-C-C-H stacking based on graphene and graphane sheets.
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Lower bound limit analysis by quadrilateral elements.
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The Robust Derivative Code for Object Recognition.
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Multi-contrast brain magnetic resonance image super-resolution using the local weight similarity.
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Gaussian mixture background for salient object detection.
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Training a Convolutional Neural Network for Disparity Optimization in Stereo Matching.
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A Comparative Study of Object Trackers for Infrared Flying Bird Tracking.
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On the System Optimum Dynamic Traffic Assignment and Earliest Arrival Flow Problems.
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Modelling and analysis of UPnP AV media player system based on Petri nets.
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Neural network prediction of ascorbic acid degradation in green asparagus during thermal treatments.
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The Problems of Unification and Coordination in the Development of E-Government in China.
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