Ran Liu

According to our database1, Ran Liu authored at least 71 papers between 2004 and 2021.

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Cryptanalysis and improvement of a reversible data-hiding scheme in encrypted images by redundant space transfer.
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Understand and Improve Contrastive Learning Methods for Visual Representation: A Review.
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Mine Your Own vieW: Self-Supervised Learning Through Across-Sample Prediction.
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Quantum network coding utilizing quantum discord resource fully.
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A tunable low noise high PSRR high accuracy bandgap reference using stacked-long cascode technique in 14 ​nm FinFET process.
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Low-cost and high-efficiency privacy-protection scheme for distributed compressive video sensing in wireless multimedia sensor networks.
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The analysis of the optimization of banking market structure and economic growth according to co-integration test.
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A distributed business process fragmentation method based on community discovery.
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A Physiology-Driven Computational Model for Post-Cardiac Arrest Outcome Prediction.
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Characterizing the critical features when personalizing antihypertensive drugs using spectrum analysis and machine learning methods.
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A new integrated approach for engineering characteristic prioritization in quality function deployment.
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A Generative Modeling Approach for Interpreting Population-Level Variability in Brain Structure.
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Robust Rank Constrained Sparse Learning: A Graph-Based Method for Clustering.
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Influence of Metal Shield on Electromagnetic Field and Loss in the End Region of Synchronous Condenser.
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Classified prediction model of rockburst using rough sets-normal cloud.
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Modeling and Simulation of Nonstationary Non-Poisson Arrival Processes.
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A lightweight authentication scheme with privacy protection for smart grid communications.
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An adaptive large neighborhood search heuristic for the vehicle routing problem with time windows and synchronized visits.
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Research on Big Data Security Storage Based on Compressed Sensing.
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Improved CSMA/CA Algorithm Based on Alternative Channel of Power Line and Wireless and First-Time Idle First Acquisition.
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Location-allocation model for earthquake shelter solved using MPSO algorithm.
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Quantum Network Coding Based on Entanglement Distribution.
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Natural Language Processing of Clinical Notes for Improved Early Prediction of Septic Shock in the ICU.
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Negative Iris Recognition.
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F-score feature selection based Bayesian reconstruction of visual image from human brain activity.
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Secure and robust digital image watermarking scheme using logistic and RSA encryption.
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Reconstructing positive surveys from negative surveys by improved artificial immune network.
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A Two-Factor Authentication Scheme based on Negative Databases.
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An empirical study of the relative phase center variation of a ceramic patch antenna for automotive applications.
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The Layout Optimization Problem of Automobile Engine Production Line.
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Energy-Optimal Path Planning for Solar-Powered UAVs Monitoring Stationary Target.
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Study on Virtual Camera with Preset Shot Types Based on Composition Aesthetic Computing.
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Information retrieval of mass encrypted data over multimedia networking with N-level vector model-based relevancy ranking.
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An agile assistant robot integrating operation and rolling locomotion.
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Simulation-based optimisation approach for the stochastic two-echelon logistics problem.
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Experimental analyses of the K-hidden algorithm.
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Multiple-negative survey method for enhancing the accuracy of negative survey-based cloud data privacy: Applications and extensions.
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SeGoAC: A tree-based model for self-defined, proxy-enabled and group-oriented access control in mobile cloud computing.
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Potential Forensic Analysis of IoT Data: An Overview of the State-of-the-Art and Future Possibilities.
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Investigation of machine learning based network traffic classification.
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Measuring visually induced motion sickness using wearable devices.
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Missing value imputation methods for TCM medical data and its effect in the classifier accuracy.
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Ultra low loss and high linearity RF switch using 130nm SOI CMOS process.
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F2AC: A Lightweight, Fine-Grained, and Flexible Access Control Scheme for File Storage in Mobile Cloud Computing.
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Mechanistic Study of Human Glucose Transport Mediated by GLUT1.
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Development of a Novel Optical Biosensor for Detection of Organophoshorus Pesticides Based on Methyl Parathion Hydrolase Immobilized by Metal-Chelate Affinity.
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