Toshitsugu Sakamoto

According to our database1, Toshitsugu Sakamoto authored at least 17 papers between 2006 and 2020.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




A Fault Detection and Diagnosis Method for Via-Switch Crossbar in Non-Volatile FPGA.
IEICE Trans. Fundam. Electron. Commun. Comput. Sci., 2020

33.3 Via-Switch FPGA: 65nm CMOS Implementation and Architecture Extension for Al Applications.
Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE International Solid- State Circuits Conference, 2020

ON-state retention of Atom Switch eNVM for IoT/AI Inference Solution.
Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium, 2020

A 171k-LUT Nonvolatile FPGA using Cu Atom-Switch Technology in 28nm CMOS.
Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Field-Programmable Logic and Applications, 2020

Fault Diagnosis of Via-Switch Crossbar in Non-volatile FPGA.
Proceedings of the 2020 Design, Automation & Test in Europe Conference & Exhibition, 2020

Sensor Signal Processing Using High-Level Synthesis With a Layered Architecture.
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NanoBridge-Based FPGA in High-Temperature Environments.
IEEE Micro, 2017

A 2× logic density Programmable Logic array using atom switch fully implemented with logic transistors at 40nm-node and beyond.
Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits, 2016

A Silicon-on-Thin-Buried-Oxide CMOS Microcontroller with Embedded Atom-Switch ROM.
IEEE Micro, 2015

Sub-μW standby power, <18 μW/DMIPS@25MHz MCU with embedded atom-switch programmable logic and ROM.
Proceedings of the Symposium on VLSI Circuits, 2015

0.5-V Highly Power-Efficient Programmable Logic using Nonvolatile Configuration Switch in BEOL.
Proceedings of the 2015 ACM/SIGDA International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, 2015

Architecture of Reconfigurable-Logic Cell Array with Atom Switch: Cluster Size & Routing Fabrics (Abstract Only).
Proceedings of the 2015 ACM/SIGDA International Symposium on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays, 2015

0.39-V, 18.26-µW/MHz SOTB CMOS Microcontroller with embedded atom switch ROM.
Proceedings of the 2015 IEEE Symposium in Low-Power and High-Speed Chips, 2015

Low-power programmable-logic cell arrays using nonvolatile complementary atom switch.
Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design, 2014

Programmable cell array using rewritable solid-electrolyte switch integrated in 90nm CMOS.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, 2011

A Chip-Stacked Memory for On-Chip SRAM-Rich SoCs and Processors.
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Solid-Electrolyte Nanometer Switch.
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