Cher Ming Tan

According to our database1, Cher Ming Tan authored at least 51 papers between 1999 and 2018.

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Uncover the Degradation Science of Silicone Under the Combined Temperature and Humidity Conditions.
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A miniaturized T-shaped MIMO antenna for X-band and Ku-band applications with enhanced radiation efficiency.
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Early degradation of high power packaged LEDs under humid conditions and its recovery - Myth of reliability rejuvenation.
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A review on the humidity reliability of high power white light LEDs.
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Copper induced synthesis of graphene using amorphous carbon.
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Non-destructive degradation study of copper wire bond for its temperature cycling reliability evaluation.
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Damage threshold determination and non-destructive identification of possible failure sites in PIN limiter.
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Methodology of reliability enhancement for high power LED driver.
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Modeling and analysis of gate-all-around silicon nanowire FET.
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Special section reliability and variability of devices for circuits and systems.
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Optimal maintenance strategy of deteriorating system under imperfect maintenance and inspection using mixed inspection scheduling.
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The dependency of TSV keep-out zone (KOZ) on Si crystal direction and liner material.
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Reliability study of LED driver - A case study of black box testing.
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Effect of IC layout on the reliability of CMOS amplifiers.
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Electromigration reliability of interconnections in RF low noise amplifier circuit.
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Degradation behavior of high power light emitting diode under high frequency switching.
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Ensuring accuracy in optical and electrical measurement of ultra-bright LEDs during reliability test.
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ICMAT 2011 - Reliability and variability of semiconductor devices and ICs.
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Electromigration performance of Through Silicon Via (TSV) - A modeling approach.
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Addressing the challenges in solder resistance measurement for electromigration test.
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Humidity study of a-Si PV cell.
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Modeling the effect of barrier thickness and low-k dielectric on circuit reliability using 3D model.
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Circuit level interconnect reliability study using 3D circuit model.
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Width dependence of the effectiveness of reservoir length in improving electromigration for Cu/Low-k interconnects.
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Reply to comments on "A framework to practical predictive maintenance modeling for multi-state systems".
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Analysis of humidity effects on the degradation of high-power white LEDs.
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Electromigration in width transition copper interconnect.
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Behavior of hot carrier generation in power SOI LDNMOS with shallow trench isolation (STI).
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A framework to practical predictive maintenance modeling for multi-state systems.
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Reverse Breakdown Voltage Measurement for Power P+NN+ Rectifier.
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Finite element modeling of capacitive coupling voltage contrast.
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An approach to statistical analysis of gate oxide breakdown mechanisms.
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Room temperature observation of point defect on gold surface using thermovoltage mapping.
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Enhanced finite element modelling of Cu electromigration using ANSYS and matlab.
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Development of highly accelerated electromigration test.
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Feasibility study of the application of voltage contrast to printed circuit board.
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Device level electrical-thermal-stress coupled-field modeling.
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Effect of vacuum break after the barrier layer deposition on the electromigration performance of aluminum based line interconnects.
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Non-destructive identification of open circuit in wiring on organic substrate with high wiring density covered with solder resist.
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Determination of the dice forward I-V characteristics of a power diode from a packaged device and its applications.
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Reliability screening through electrical testing for press-fit alternator power diode in automotive application.
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Effect of test condition and stress free temperature on the electromigration failure of Cu dual damascene submicron interconnect line-via test structures.
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Reliability Improvement in Al Metallization: A Combination of Statistical Prediction and Failure Analytical Methodology.
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Low Temperature Silicon Wafer Bonding By Sol-Gel Processing.
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