Feifei Zhang

According to our database1, Feifei Zhang authored at least 61 papers between 1998 and 2021.

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An Active-Under-Coil RFDAC With Analog Linear Interpolation in 28-nm CMOS.
IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. I Regul. Pap., 2021

An Explainable Artificial Intelligence Framework for the Deterioration Risk Prediction of Hepatitis Patients.
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Landscape Pattern Theoretical Optimization of Urban Green Space Based on Ecosystem Service Supply and Demand.
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Feature refinement: An expression-specific feature learning and fusion method for micro-expression recognition.
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A Feedforward and Feedback Constant-Slope Digital-to-Time Converter in 28nm CMOS Achieving ≤ 0.12% INL/Range over >100mV Supply Range.
Proceedings of the 2021 Symposium on VLSI Circuits, Kyoto, Japan, June 13-19, 2021, 2021

A Unified Deep Model for Joint Facial Expression Recognition, Face Synthesis, and Face Alignment.
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Geometry Guided Pose-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition.
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Design Considerations of the Interpolative Digital Transmitter for Quantization Noise and Replicas Rejection.
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Downscaling Aster Land Surface Temperature over Urban Areas with Machine Learning-Based Area-To-Point Regression Kriging.
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Position-Posture Control of Multilegged Walking Robot Based on Kinematic Correction.
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Leveraging multiple features for document sentiment classification.
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Dynamic Green Innovation Decision of the Supply Chain with Innovating and Free-Riding Manufacturers: Cooperation and Spillover.
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Joint Attribute Manipulation and Modality Alignment Learning for Composing Text and Image to Image Retrieval.
Proceedings of the MM '20: The 28th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 2020

A 31-µW, 148-fs Step, 9-bit Capacitor-DAC-Based Constant-Slope Digital-to-Time Converter in 28-nm CMOS.
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Online learning offloading framework for heterogeneous mobile edge computing system.
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Projection Analysis Optimization for Human Transition Motion Estimation.
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Unpaired Images based Generator Architecture for Facial Expression Recognition.
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An Efficient Heuristic Method for Repairing Event Logs Independent of Process Models.
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Internet of Things, 2019

Breast Cancer Image Analysis on Distribution Features of Texture in Reduced Dimension Space.
Proceedings of the 12th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing, 2019

Spatially Coherent Feature Learning for Pose-Invariant Facial Expression Recognition.
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Opium Poppy Detection Using Deep Learning.
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Eyeglasses detection, location and frame discriminant based on edge information projection.
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Affective rating ranking based on face images in arousal-valence dimensional space.
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Networked control for T-S fuzzy descriptor systems with network-induced delay and packet disordering.
Neurocomputing, 2018

A load-aware resource allocation and task scheduling for the emerging cloudlet system.
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Cascaded Multi-level Transformed Dirichlet Process for Multi-pose Facial Expression Recognition.
Comput. J., 2018

Development of the visible light communication device for swarm using nonlinear synchronization.
Artif. Life Robotics, 2018

Construction of Microblog-Specific Chinese Sentiment Lexicon Based on Representation Learning.
Proceedings of the PRICAI 2018: Trends in Artificial Intelligence, 2018

Statutes Recommendation Using Classification and Co-occurrence Between Statutes.
Proceedings of the PRICAI 2018: Trends in Artificial Intelligence, 2018

Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild: A Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Attention Transfer Approach.
Proceedings of the 2018 ACM Multimedia Conference on Multimedia Conference, 2018

Application of Electro-hydraulic Forming (EHF) Process with Simple Dies in Sheet Metal Forming.
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Influence of Clamping Methods and Loading Path on Deformation of Carbon Steel During Dieless Bending Process.
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Joint Pose and Expression Modeling for Facial Expression Recognition.
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Real-time self-driving car navigation and obstacle avoidance using mobile 3D laser scanner and GNSS.
Multim. Tools Appl., 2017

CTL-DNNet: Effective Circular Traffic Light Recognition with a Deep Neural Network.
Int. J. Pattern Recognit. Artif. Intell., 2017

Strategic Temporality on Social Media During the General Election of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign.
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society, 2017

Social Media, U.S. Presidential Campaigns, and Public Opinion Polls: Disentangling Effects.
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society, 2017

Identifying Political Topics in Social Media Messages: A Lexicon-Based Approach.
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Social Media & Society, 2017

Understanding Discourse Acts: Political Campaign Messages Classification on Facebook and Twitter.
Proceedings of the Social, Cultural, and Behavioral Modeling, 2017

An Efficient Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Approach for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition Based on a Single View.
Proceedings of the Knowledge Science, Engineering and Management, 2017

Task Offloading for Scientific Workflow Application in Mobile Cloud.
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Internet of Things, 2017

Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of one novel incremental bending process.
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A 15-μW, 103-fs step, 5-bit capacitor-DAC-based constant-slope digital-to-time converter in 28nm CMOS.
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Pose-robust feature learning for facial expression recognition.
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Domain adaptation for speech emotion recognition by sharing priors between related source and target classes.
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The least eigenvalue of graphs whose complements are unicyclic.
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Doping profile modification approach of the optimization of HfO x based resistive switching device by inserting AlO x layer.
Sci. China Inf. Sci., 2015

Capturing and tracking of building area based on structure saliency in airborne remote sensing video.
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A hyperspectral image spectral unmixing method integrating slic superpixel segmentation.
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Robust Image Registration Using Structure Features.
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Speeding up NEC electromagnetic simulation using GPU technology for antenna design problems.
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PSRPS: A Workload Pattern Sensitive Resource Provisioning Scheme for Cloud Systems.
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New acoustic positioning system for an underwater robot using multiple frequencies.
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Chinese and American Leadership Characteristics: Discovery and Comparison in Multi-party On-Line Dialogues.
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The water-tank test of a novel underwater positioning system based on sensor networks.
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Motion estimation based on optical flow and an artificial neural network (ANN).
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Development of a new positioning system for underwater robot based on sensor network.
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Development of a new underwater positioning system based on sensor network.
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An Ontology-Based Query System for Digital Libraries.
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Intelligent Control for Container Terminal AGV.
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