Chen Tang

According to our database1, Chen Tang authored at least 49 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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A DWT-SVD based adaptive color multi-watermarking scheme for copyright protection using AMEF and PSO-GWO.
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Grounded Relational Inference: Domain Knowledge Driven Explainable Autonomous Driving.
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A Hybrid Model for Clinical Concept Normalization.
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High-Quality Single-Model Deep Video Compression with Frame-Conv3D and Multi-frame Differential Modulation.
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A 112-765 GOPS/W FPGA-based CNN Accelerator using Importance Map Guided Adaptive Activation Sparsification for Pix2pix Applications.
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ZPD Teaching Strategies for Deep Reinforcement Learning from Demonstrations.
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Research on the Development of Contemporary Design Intelligence Driven by Neural Network Technology.
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Laser Scanning Imaging System Research and Development Trend Analysis.
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Research on the Automatic Test System of Motor Drive.
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Simulation Design of Collimation Zoom Optical System Based on Laser Ranging.
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uGait: A platform for automated quantitative gait analysis and its application to Parkinson's disease.
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Research on Filter Naming Mechanism Based on Emotional Expression and Cognitive Integration.
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Research on Image Emotional Tag Generation Mechanism Based on the "Cloud Pet Keeping" Phenomenon.
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A Study on the Differences in the Expressions of Emotional Cognition Between Bloggers and Users Based on the "Cloud Pet Keeping" Phenomenon.
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Detecting Parkinson's Disease Using Gait Analysis with Particle Swarm Optimization.
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5G enabled cooperative collision avoidance: System design and field test.
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The Influence of Using XBRL on Quoted Company's Information Quality.
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Random-valued impulse noise removal using fuzzy weighted non-local means.
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Implementation of a Multi-User Detector for satellite return links on a GPU platform.
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