Hao Dong

According to our database1, Hao Dong authored at least 31 papers between 2007 and 2019.

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Multiscale Computational Method for Dynamic Thermo-Mechanical Problems of Composite Structures with Diverse Periodic Configurations in Different Subdomains.
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Unstructured mesh generation based on Parallel Virtual Machine in cyber-physical system.
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Application of oil-film interferometry image post-processing technology based on MATLAB.
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Second-order two-scale computational method for damped dynamic thermo-mechanical problems of quasi-periodic composite materials.
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Gear Training: A new way to implement high-performance model-parallel training.
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Multiscale computational method for heat conduction problems of composite structures with diverse periodic configurations in different subdomains.
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High-order three-scale computational method for heat conduction problems of axisymmetric composite structures with multiple spatial scales.
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A FPGA Friendly Approximate Computing Framework with Hybrid Neural Networks: (Abstract Only).
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Distributed Top-K Join Queries Optimizing for RDF Datasets.
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Second-order two-scale analysis and numerical algorithm for the damped wave equations of composite materials with quasi-periodic structures.
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Reconfigurable VLSI Architecture for Real-Time 2D-to-3D Conversion.
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Pre-trip Training System for Seniors and People with Disabilities using Annotated Panoramic Video.
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An automatic depth map generation method by image classification.
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Adaptive moving grid methods for two-phase flow in porous media.
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Android-Based Visual Tag Detection for Visually Impaired Users: System Design and Testing.
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Recommend a profitable cruising route for taxi drivers.
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Automatic generation of indoor navigation instructions for blind users using a user-centric graph.
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Software Attack Modeling and Its Application.
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An Enhanced Security Mechanism for Web Service Based Systems.
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A Novel Computerized Method Based on Support Vector Machine for Tongue Diagnosis.
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