Hiroki Takahashi

According to our database1, Hiroki Takahashi authored at least 72 papers between 1997 and 2020.

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Weakly Supervised Learning for Evaluating Road Surface Condition from Wheelchair Driving Data.
Inf., 2020

NR-WLAN Aggregation: Architecture for Supporting URLLC in 5G IoT Networks.
Proceedings of the 91st IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2020

Data Augmentation Using Feature Interpolation of Individual Words for Compound Word Recognition of Sign Language.
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Automatic Focal Blur Segmentation Based on Difference of Blur Feature Using Theoretical Thresholding and Graphcuts.
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Estimating Spatiotemporal Information from Behavioral Sensing Data of Wheelchair Users by Machine Learning Technologies.
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Service Switching in Case-based Decisions following Bad Experiences: Online reviews data of Japanese hairdressing salons.
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Method for left atrial appendage segmentation using heart CT images.
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Proposal of Transesophageal Echo Examination Support System by CT Imaging.
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Sign Words Annotation Assistance Using Japanese Sign Language Words Recognition.
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Automatic Extraction of Reorganization Impact Focusing on Derivation Relationship of Analogous Actor Terms in Requirements Specification.
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A Listen before Talk Algorithm with Frequency Reuse for LTE Based Licensed Assisted Access in Unlicensed Spectrum.
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Analyzing Time-Decay Effects of Mediating-Objects in Creating Trust-Links.
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An Interference Mitigation Technique for Dynamic TDD Based Frequency-Separated Small Cell Network in LTE-Advanced Based Future Wireless Access.
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Efficient Ground Truth Generation based on Spatio-temporal Properties for Lane Prediction Model.
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Ride through capability of matrix converter for grid connected system under short voltage sag.
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Electric wheelchair control for avoidance of collision and downhill turning.
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Swarm Robot Control for Human Services and Moving Rehabilitation by Sensor Fusion.
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A Transmit Power Control Based Interference Mitigation Scheme for Small Cell Networks Using Dynamic TDD in LTE-Advanced Systems.
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Effect of Neck Refrigeration by the Neck Cooler on Worker's Physiological and Psychological Performance.
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Power decoupling method for isolated DC to single-phase AC converter using matrix converter.
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The effect of ceiling height on the symbolic distance effect.
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Tailor-Made Plate Design and Manufacturing System for Treating Bone Fractures in Small Animals.
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Measurement of density and granularity of archeological artifacts using industrial computed tomography.
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Design and application of tailor-made plates for treating fractures in small animals.
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CIPRO 2.5: <i>Ciona intestinalis</i> protein database, a unique integrated repository of large-scale omics data, bioinformatic analyses and curated annotation, with user rating and reviewing functionality.
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Genome-wide binding profiles of the <i>Bacillus subtilis</i> transition state regulator AbrB and its homolog Abh reveals their interactive role in transcriptional regulation.
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AMDORAP: Non-targeted metabolic profiling based on high-resolution LC-MS.
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A Design Criterion of Error Correcting Codes for Spectrum-Overlapped Resource Managements.
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Development of a volume rendering system using 3D texture compression techniques on general-purpose personal computers.
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The Influence of False and Missing Alarms of Safety System on Drivers' Risk-Taking Behavior.
Proceedings of the Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics, 2011

"Cho-Shi" Animation Based on Traditional Chinese Handmade Paper Texture.
Proceedings of the 2011 Second International Conference on Culture and Computing, 2011

Chiral Symmetry Breaking Phenomenon Caused by a Phase Transition.
Symmetry, 2010

Choshi Design System from 2D Images.
Proceedings of the Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2010, 9th International Conference, 2010

Saliency-Based Candidate Inspection Region Extraction in Tape Automated Bonding.
Proceedings of the Advances in Data Mining. Applications and Theoretical Aspects, 2010

System Biology Approach for Elucidating the Relationship Between Indonesian Herbal Plants and the Efficacy of Jamu.
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Skin-Anatomy Based Face Texture Image Synthesis by Skin Feature Distribution Analyzing Method.
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Graphical instruction for a garment folding robot.
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Real Time Detection Interface For Walking on CAVE.
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