Lin Jiang

According to our database1, Lin Jiang authored at least 79 papers between 2004 and 2019.

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Forecasting-Based Power Ramp-Rate Control Strategies for Utility-Scale PV Systems.
IEEE Trans. Industrial Electronics, 2019

A Robust Optimization Approach for Demand Side Scheduling Considering Uncertainty of Manually Operated Appliances.
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Energy Consumption Scheduling of HVAC Considering Weather Forecast Error Through the Distributionally Robust Approach.
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A multi criteria comprehensive evaluation approach for emergency response capacity with interval 2-tuple linguistic information.
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Breast Cancer Detection Via Wavelet Energy and Support Vector Machine.
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Optimization of Speed Profile and Energy Interaction at Stations for a Train Vehicle with On-board Energy Storage Device.
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Earth Potential as the Energy Storage in Rail Transit System - on a Vertical Alignment Optimization Problem.
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USE: unified and split execution for exposing divergences between versions.
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Cancer classification with multi-task deep learning.
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Grammar-aware Parallelization for Scalable XPath Querying.
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A two-stage electric vehicles scheduling strategy to address economic inconsistency issues of stakeholders.
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Audio Bandwidth Extension Using Audio Super-Resolution.
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Analysis of high voltage gain DC-DC converter with active-clamping current-fed push-pull cells for HVDC-connected offshore wind power.
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A parallel implementation of deblocking filter based on video array architecture for HEVC.
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Wide-Area Damping Controller for Power System Interarea Oscillations: A Networked Predictive Control Approach.
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Exact Solutions and Bifurcations of a Modulated Equation in a Discrete Nonlinear Electrical Transmission Line (I).
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Low Bitrates Audio Bandwidth Extension Using a Deep Auto-Encoder.
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Spatial perception reproduction of sound events based on sound property coincidences.
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Robust Inventory Financing Model with Partial Information.
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Decision and coordination in a competing retail channel involving a third-party logistics provider.
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A Practical Approach to Extracting Names of Geographical Entities and Their Relations from the Web.
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AVS2 speech and audio coding scheme for high quality at low bitrates.
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Synchronization for QDPSK - Costas loop and Gardner algorithm using FPGAs.
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An improved autoregressive model by particle swarm optimization for prognostics of lithium-ion batteries.
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Automated Large-Scale File Preparation, Docking, and Scoring: Evaluation of ITScore and STScore Using the 2012 Community Structure-Activity Resource Benchmark.
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 2013

Detection of Image Region Duplication Using Spin Image.
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Gain Factors Calibration in 3D Sound Reproduction Using VBAP.
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Joint IHS and variational methods for pan-sharpening of very high resolution imagery.
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A Method of Alteration Information Extracted of Uranium Mine Base on TM Remote Sensing Image.
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Current remote sensing options for monitoring carbon emissions.
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Multi-objective land use optimization based on low-carbon development using NSGA-II.
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A static R-Tree organization method based on top-down recursive clustering.
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Construction and Implementation of the Quantifier-Noun Collocation Knowledge Base for Proofreading Based on Multiple Knowledge Sources.
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Chinese Text Feature Dimension Reduction Based on Semantics.
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Affect Computation of Chinese Short Text.
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Reconfigurable Designs for Networking Silicon.
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Textual Affect Detection in Human Computer Interaction.
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IGG3: a tool to rapidly integrate large genotype datasets for whole-genome imputation and individual-level meta-analysis.
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An Algorithm of Fractal Tree Generate Base on Controllable Random Transform.
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Design of Multi-phase Clock Generation and Selection Circuit for CDR.
Proceedings of the CSIE 2009, 2009 WRI World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, March 31, 2009

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IGG: A tool to integrate GeneChips for genetic studies.
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