Manish Gupta

According to our database1, Manish Gupta authored at least 79 papers between 1990 and 2020.

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ACM Fellow 2012, "For contributions to high performance computing software and compiler optimizations.".



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Do Skills and Challenge Affect Perceived Learning? Mediating Role of Engagement.
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Compression of Deep Learning Models for Text: A Survey.
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FAQAugmenter: Suggesting Questions for Enterprise FAQ Pages.
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A novel approach for audio steganography by processing of amplitudes and signs of secret audio separately.
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A novel approach for verifiable (n, n) audio secret sharing scheme.
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Emotion recognition from speech using wavelet packet transform and prosodic features.
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SVM based Voice Activity Detection by fusing a new acoustic feature PLMS with some existing acoustic features of speech.
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Linking Event Mentions From Cricket Match Reports to Commentaries.
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Predicting Post-operative Visual Acuity for LASIK Surgeries.
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Personal thermal comfort management in existing office buildings using energy-efficient fans.
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Electrical submetering with repurposable applications for the built environment.
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Entity Mining at Microsoft Bing.
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A fuzzy ANP based approach in the selection of the best E-Business strategy and to assess the impact of E-Procurement on organizational performance.
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Discrete wavelet transform-based color image watermarking using uncorrelated color space and artificial bee colony.
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Information Retrieval with Verbose Queries.
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Cross market modeling for query-entity matching.
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Diplopia: A virtual reality game designed to help amblyopics.
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Application of Rule Based Fuzzy Inference System in Predicting the Quality and Quantity of Potato Crop Yield in Agra.
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Mining Low-Support Discriminative Patterns from Dense and High-Dimensional Data.
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Getting Real About Virtual Worlds: A Review.
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A study on usage of IT and its implications on e-procurement in Indian organisations.
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Does lean imply green?: a study of the power performance implications of Java runtime bloat.
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Verifying GPU kernels by test amplification.
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Business Analytics: Radical Shift or Incremental Change?
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Software Bloat and Wasted Joules: Is Modularity a Hurdle to Green Software?
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Connecting the next billion web users.
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Spoken Web: a mobile cloud based parallel web for the masses.
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