Qi Shen

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  • authored at least 33 papers between 2004 and 2018.
  • has a "Dijkstra number"2 of four.



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Multi-Code-Rate Correction Technique with IR-QC-LDPC: An application to QKD.
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Object-Aware Guidance for Autonomous Scene Reconstruction.
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Adaptive Hashing with Sparse Modification for Scalable Image Retrieval.
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Bioinspired travelling wave generation in soft-robotics using ionic polymer-metal composites.
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Erratum: A memory-based FFT processor using modified signal flow graph with novel conflict-free address schemes [IEICE Electronics Express Vol. 14 (2017) No. 15 pp. 20170660].
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A memory-based FFT processor using modified signal flow graph with novel conflict-free address schemes.
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Study on regional differences of cultural consumption about urban residents in China.
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An analysis of the optimization disaggregation algorithm in the estimation related to energy consumption of appliances in buildings.
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A Fast Improved Fat Tree Encoder for Wave Union TDC in an FPGA
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Development of a turtle-like underwater vehicle using central pattern generator.
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Research on Policy.
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