Shengquan Yu

According to our database1, Shengquan Yu authored at least 33 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Effects of a visualization-based group awareness tool on in-service teachers' interaction behaviors and performance in a lesson study.
Interactive Learning Environments, 2019

Crowdsourcing mode-based learning activity flow approach to promote subject ontology generation and evolution in learning.
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Exploring a Personal Social Knowledge Network (PSKN) to aid the observation of connectivist interaction for high- and low-performing learners in connectivist massive open online courses.
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A Task-Oriented Dialogue System for Moral Education.
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Development of a visual e-learning system for supporting the semantic organization and utilization of open learning content.
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Understanding user behavioral patterns in open knowledge communities.
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Using a Learner-Topic Model for Mining Learner Interests in Open Learning Environments.
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Automatic Chinese Reading Comprehension Grading by LSTM with Knowledge Adaptation.
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Automatic Chinese Short Answer Grading with Deep Autoencoder.
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A Framework for Learning Analytics Using Commodity Wearable Devices.
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A dynamic ubiquitous learning resource model with context and its effects on ubiquitous learning.
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A context-adaptive teacher training model in a ubiquitous learning environment.
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Can Students Identify the Relevant Information to Solve a Problem?
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Behavioral and Relationship Patterns in an Online Collaborative Reading Activity.
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Can Short Answers to Open Response Questions Be Auto-Graded Without a Grading Rubric?
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Designing a trust evaluation model for open-knowledge communities.
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The effect of collaborative annotation on Chinese reading level in primary schools in China.
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Simulation Teaching in 3D Augmented Reality Environment.
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Research on the Application of One-to-One Learning in Chinese Classical Poem Education.
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Research on the Communicative Mobile English Learning Model.
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A Case Study on Mobile Learning Implementation in Basic Education.
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