Wei Fu

According to our database1, Wei Fu authored at least 83 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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Analysis of Primary Field Shielding Stability for the Weak Coupling Coil Designs.
Sensors, 2020

A Highly Sensitive Amperometric Glutamate Oxidase Microbiosensor Based on a Reduced Graphene Oxide/Prussian Blue Nanocube/Gold Nanoparticle Composite Film-Modified Pt Electrode.
Sensors, 2020

Variable step-size matching pursuit based on oblique projection for compressed sensing.
IET Image Process., 2020

Faster-YOLO: An accurate and faster object detection method.
Digit. Signal Process., 2020

Research on Environmental Protection Treatment for Ex-Service SF<sub>6</sub> Adsorbent.
IEEE Access, 2020

Energy Saving Algorithm of Wireless Network Nodes in Cluster.
Proceedings of the 16th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, 2020

Modeling and Solution of Signal Oscillation Mechanism of the Multi-Coil Sensor.
Sensors, 2019

云存储中的ORAM研究综述 (Survey of ORAM Research in Cloud Storage).
计算机科学, 2019

Nonlinear tool traces fast tracing algorithm based on single point laser detection.
J. Intell. Fuzzy Syst., 2019

FPGA implementation of closed-loop compensation for LFMCW signal non-linear distortions.
IET Signal Process., 2019

Predictive triggered control for networked control systems with event-triggered mechanism.
Cluster Computing, 2019

Digital Built-in Self-Test for Phased Locked Loops to Enable Fault Detection.
Proceedings of the 24th IEEE European Test Symposium, 2019

Time-Matching Random Finite Set-Based Filter for Radar Multi-Target Tracking.
Sensors, 2018

EEG Feature Extraction of Motor Imagery Based on WT and STFT.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation, 2018

Interoperability Performance Analysis and Assessment of B2a/L5/E5a.
Proceedings of the Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems, 2018

The Intelligent Supervision System of Farm Based on "Internet + BDS + GIS".
Proceedings of the Communications, Signal Processing, and Systems, 2018

Research on Rumors of Social Networks Considering Game Between Nodes.
Proceedings of the Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems, 2018

Digital constant-envelope modulation scheme for radar using multicarrier OFDM signals.
IET Signal Process., 2017

Implementation of wideband digital transmitting beamformer based on LFM waveforms.
IET Signal Process., 2017

A Novel Contributory Cross-Domain Group Password-Based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol with Adaptive Security.
Proceedings of the Second IEEE International Conference on Data Science in Cyberspace, 2017

Resolving Web Services Mismatch in Mashup.
Wirel. Pers. Commun., 2016

A Wireless BCI and BMI System for Wearable Robots.
IEEE Trans. Syst. Man Cybern. Syst., 2016

100-MHz Low-Phase-Noise Microprocessor Temperature-Compensated Crystal Oscillator.
IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. II Express Briefs, 2015

Higher-Affinity Agonists of 5-HT<sub>1A</sub>R Discovered through Tuning the Binding-Site Flexibility.
J. Chem. Inf. Model., 2015

Concurrent group activity classification with context modeling.
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Internet Multimedia Computing and Service, 2015

Bilayer Sparse Topic Model for Scene Analysis in Imbalanced Surveillance Videos.
IEEE Trans. Image Process., 2014

Spatiotemporal Group Context for Pedestrian Counting.
IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol., 2014

Delay-dependent robust stability criteria for stochastic neural networks of neutral-type with interval time-varying delay and linear fractional uncertainties.
Math. Struct. Comput. Sci., 2014

Model Inversion of BBPV Based on DWD of MISR RS Image.
IEEE Geosci. Remote. Sens. Lett., 2014

Improvement of Home Appliance Control System in Smart Home Based on 6LoWPAN.
J. Comput., 2014

Online video synopsis of structured motion.
Neurocomputing, 2014

A self-regulated 588 MHz buck regulator with on-chip passives and circuit stuffing in 65nm.
Proceedings of the IEEE 57th International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 2014

Power conversion schemes in nanometer CMOS mixed-signal SoCs.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systemss, 2014

Discriminative Context Models for Collective Activity Recognition.
Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2014

Prediction of protein function by combining phylogenetic tree and mathematical inference.
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Informatics, 2014

Design of a Wide-Tuning-Range Lithium Tantalate Low-Phase-Noise Voltage-Controlled Oscillator.
IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. II Express Briefs, 2013

Dynamic scene understanding by improved sparse topical coding.
Pattern Recognit., 2013

Robust stability criteria for uncertain stochastic neural networks of neutral-type with interval time-varying delays.
Neural Comput. Appl., 2013

Web service publishing and composition based on monadic methods and program slicing.
Knowl. Based Syst., 2013

The Research and Realization of Wireless Energy Consumption Detector Based on the Internet of Things.
J. Digit. Inf. Manag., 2013

Molecular Modeling of the 3D Structure of 5-HT<sub>1A</sub>R: Discovery of Novel 5-HT<sub>1A</sub>R Agonists via Dynamic Pharmacophore-Based Virtual Screening.
J. Chem. Inf. Model., 2013

Frequency-domain measurement of 60 GHz indoor channels: a measurement setup, literature data, and analysis.
IEEE Instrum. Meas. Mag., 2013

Robust null-space based interference avoiding scheme for D2D communication underlaying cellular networks.
Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), 2013

Multiple Hypotheses Based Spatial-Temporal Association for Stable Pedestrian Counting.
Proceedings of the Advances in Multimedia Information Processing - PCM 2013, 2013

Switching and conduction loss analysis of buck converters operating in DCM-only scenarios.
Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS2013), 2013

Data Possession Provability on Semi-trusted Cloud Storage.
Proceedings of the Cloud Computing - 4th International Conference, CloudComp 2013, Wuhan, 2013

A Study on Linear Elastic FEM by Cloud Computing.
Proceedings of the 2013 The Second International Conference on Innovative Computing and Cloud Computing, 2013

Optimization and Realization of a 315-MHz Low-Phase-Noise Voltage-Controlled SAW Oscillator.
IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. II Express Briefs, 2012

Stability Analysis for Uncertain Stochastic Delayed Neural Networks of Neutral-Type with Discrete and Distributed Delays.
J. Comput., 2012

New Robust Stability of Uncertain Neutral-Type Neural Networks with Discrete Interval and Distributed Time-Varying Delays.
J. Comput., 2012

WSSecTool: A Web Service Security Analysis Tool Based on Program Slicing.
Proceedings of the Eighth IEEE World Congress on Services, 2012

Learning Semantic Motion Patterns for Dynamic Scenes by Improved Sparse Topical Coding.
Proceedings of the 2012 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, 2012

Object-centered narratives for video surveillance.
Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 2012

Weighted Interaction Force Estimation for Abnormality Detection in Crowd Scenes.
Proceedings of the Computer Vision - ACCV 2012, 2012

Delay-Dependent Stability Criterion for Neural Networks of Neutral-Type with Interval Time-Varying Delays and Nonlinear Perturbations.
Proceedings of the Advances in Swarm Intelligence - Second International Conference, 2011

A Formal Model of Service Computing and Its Applications on Service Discovery.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Web Services, 2011

monadWS: a monad-based testing tool for web services.
Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Automation of Software Test, 2011

Specific vehicle detection and tracking in road environment.
Proceedings of the ICIMCS 2011, 2011

Global Trajectory Construction across Multi-cameras via Graph Matching.
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Image and Graphics, 2011

Video Reshuffling with Narratives toward Effective Video Browsing.
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Image and Graphics, 2011

Harmonic and Inter-harmonic Signal Analysis Based on Hilbert-Huang Transform.
Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Digital Manufacturing and Automation, 2011

An ID-based (k, t, n) Threshold Group Signature Scheme.
Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security, 2011

Program Slicing Based Buffer Overflow Detection.
J. Softw. Eng. Appl., 2010

Computational Modeling Toward Understanding Agonist Binding on Dopamine 3.
J. Chem. Inf. Model., 2010

Web Service Generation through Program Slicing.
IJCNS, 2010

Program Slicing Based Web-Service Generation and Composition.
Proceedings of the Fifth IEEE International Symposium on Service-Oriented System Engineering, 2010

A simplified image fusion technique with sensor spectral response.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, 2010

Using local transition probability models in Markov Random Field for multi-temporal image classification.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Symposium, 2010

Propagation Model and Performance Analysis for Short Range Microwave Passive RFID Systems.
Proceedings of the 2009 Pacific-Asia Conference on Circuits, Communications and Systems, 2009

Relationship between Different Level Road Expansion and Soil Erosion Distribution: A Case Study of Lancang County, Southwest China.
Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology, 2009

Image quality assessment using edge and contrast similarity.
Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2008

Quantify the Landscape Effect of Rural Region Planning Near Metropolis Using High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing-Case Study in Gaoliying Town in Beijing.
Proceedings of the Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture II, Volume 1, 2008

Modeling Real-time Garbage Collection Cost.
Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications (RTCSA 2007), 2007

Anti-aircraft Missile Deployment Optimization Using Hopfield Neural Network.
Proceedings of the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2007

Research on Software Requirement Analysis Method Based on Five-Key Elements Arrange.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice, 2005

A Real-Time Garbage Collection Framework for Embedded Systems.
Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Software and Compilers for Embedded Systems, Dallas, Texas, USA, September 29, 2005

Oscillatory solutions of delay hyperbolic system with distributed deviating arguments.
Appl. Math. Comput., 2004

Research of digital semi-fragile watermarking of remote sensing image based on wavelet analysis.
Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, 2004

A Negotiation Model Based on Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making Method.
Proceedings of the 2004 International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT 2004), 2004

An Efficient Index-based Protein Structure Database Searching Method.
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA '03), 2003

On All-Substrings Alignment Problems.
Proceedings of the Computing and Combinatorics, 9th Annual International Conference, 2003

A new demodulating method for 16-QAM with BICM.
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, 2002

Simulation- based Analysis of TCP Behavior Over Hybrid Wireless and Wired Network.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Internet Computing, 2002