Zhicheng Wang

According to our database1, Zhicheng Wang authored at least 56 papers between 1989 and 2019.

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A stabilized phase-field method for two-phase flow at high Reynolds number and large density/viscosity ratio.
J. Comput. Phys., 2019

Differentiating Features for Scene Segmentation Based on Dedicated Attention Mechanisms.
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Rethinking on Multi-Stage Networks for Human Pose Estimation.
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A faster convergence and concise interpretability TSK fuzzy classifier deep-wide-based integrated learning.
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A Clustering Based Transfer Function for Volume Rendering Using Gray-Gradient Mode Histogram.
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In-Motion Filter-QUEST Alignment for Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems.
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Deep Learning of Vortex Induced Vibrations.
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PointAGCN: Adaptive Spectral Graph CNN for Point Cloud Feature Learning.
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Asymmetrical Reverse Connection and Smooth-NMS for Object Detection.
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A Time-Division-Multiplexing Scheme for Simultaneous Wavelength Locking of Multiple Silicon Micro-Rings.
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Cascaded Pyramid Network for Multi-Person Pose Estimation.
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A 17 mW 3-to-5 GHz Duty-Cycled Vital Sign Detection Radar Transceiver With Frequency Hopping and Time-Domain Oversampling.
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A Coarse Alignment Method Based on Digital Filters and Reconstructed Observation Vectors.
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Location Model Research of Charging Station for Electric Vehicle Based on Users' Benefit.
Proceedings of the Advanced Computational Methods in Energy, Power, Electric Vehicles, and Their Integration, 2017

Superpixel segmentation based on multiple seed growth.
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A comparative research based on three different algorithms for fault diagnosis in gas turbine.
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A Novel Fire Detection Approach Based on CNN-SVM Using Tensorflow.
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An automatic panoramic image mosaic method based on graph model.
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Sparsity preserving discriminative learning with applications to face recognition.
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Removing mismatches for retinal image registration via multi-attribute-driven regularized mixture model.
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Learning coherent vector fields for robust point matching under manifold regularization.
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A sparse probabilistic approach with chaotic artificial bee colony optimization for sea clutter soft computing.
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Salient object detection using biogeography-based optimization to combine features.
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Research of acceleration algorithm in power system risk assessment based on scattered sampling and heuristic local load shedding.
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Object Detection Based on Scene Understanding and Enhanced Proposals.
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LMI-based criteria for Cohen-Grossberg BAM neutral neural networks with continuously distributed delays.
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Fuzzy Correspondences and Kernel Density Estimation for Contaminated Point Set Registration.
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Contour-Based Plant Leaf Image Segmentation Using Visual Saliency.
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An Improved Decimation of Triangle Meshes Based on Curvature.
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Robust Point Matching Using Mixture of Asymmetric Gaussians for Nonrigid Transformation.
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Automatic tracking of swimming koi using a particle filter with a center-surrounding cue.
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A hybrid approach for efficient detection of plastic mulching films in cotton.
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The domain knowledge based graph-cut model for liver CT segmentation.
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Grassmannian Manifolds Discriminant Analysis Based on Low-Rank Representation for Image Set Matching.
Proceedings of the Pattern Recognition - Chinese Conference, 2012

An Efficient Mechanism for Querying Offline Map Database on Smartphones.
Proceedings of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, 2012

Liver Segmentation in CT Images for Intervention Using a Graph-Cut Based Model.
Proceedings of the Abdominal Imaging. Computational and Clinical Applications, 2011

Study on Spatial Model and Service Radius of Rural Areas and Agriculture Information Level in Yellow-River Delta.
Proceedings of the Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture V, 2011

Periodic solutions for a system of the first order nonautonomous differential equations.
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A type of TWTA predistortion linearizer for space telecommunication applications.
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Positive periodic solutions of second-order nonlinear differential systems with two parameters.
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Existence of positive periodic solutions for a generalized prey-predator model with harvesting term.
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A Gray Scale Watermarking Algorithm Based on LU Factorization.
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Detecting Pedestrian Abnormal Behavior Based on Fuzzy Associative Memory.
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A State Class Approach to Time Petri Nets with Weak Semantics.
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Non-Greedy Adaptive Vector Quantizers.
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Code-excited neural vector quantization.
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LECSIM: A Levelized Event Driven Compiled Logic Simulation.
Proceedings of the 27th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference. Orlando, 1990

Techniques for Unit-Delay Compiled Simulation.
Proceedings of the 27th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference. Orlando, 1990

Scheduling High-Level Blocks for Functional Simulation.
Proceedings of the 26th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference, 1989