Ziyang Chen

According to our database1, Ziyang Chen authored at least 46 papers between 2003 and 2020.

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Sending-or-Not-Sending Twin-Field Quantum Key Distribution with Light Source Monitoring.
Entropy, 2020

Ecological Cooperative Look-Ahead Control for Automated Vehicles Travelling on Freeways With Varying Slopes.
IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, 2019

RBFNN-based nonsingular fast terminal sliding mode control for robotic manipulators including actuator dynamics.
Neurocomputing, 2019

RF-Drone: Multi-Tag System for RF-ID Enables Drone Tracking in GPS-Denied Environments.
IEICE Transactions, 2019

Unidimensional Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution with Untrusted Detection under Realistic Conditions.
Entropy, 2019

Improving Parameter Estimation of Entropic Uncertainty Relation in Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution.
Entropy, 2019

PSDNet and DPDNet: Efficient channel expansion, Depthwise-Pointwise-Depthwise Inverted Bottleneck Block.
CoRR, 2019

Efficient computation of the transitive closure size.
Cluster Computing, 2019

A novel shortest path query algorithm.
Cluster Computing, 2019

SETQR Propagation Model for Social Networks.
IEEE Access, 2019

Udwadia-Kalaba Approach for Three Link Manipulator Dynamics With Motion Constraints.
IEEE Access, 2019

HT: A Novel Labeling Scheme for k-Hop Reachability Queries on DAGs.
IEEE Access, 2019

Demo: The RFID Can Hear Your Music Play.
Proceedings of the 25th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, 2019

RFdesk: Record Your Objects on Desktop Using COTS RFID Devices Contactlessly.
Proceedings of the 25th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2019

Accelerating reachability query processing based on DAG reduction.
VLDB J., 2018

PBSM: An Efficient Top-K Subgraph Matching Algorithm.
IJPRAI, 2018

A dual-output hardening design of inverter chain for P-hit single-event transient pulse elimination.
IEICE Electronic Express, 2018

Finite-Time Trajectory Tracking Control for Rigid 3-DOF Manipulators With Disturbances.
IEEE Access, 2018

Encrypted Domain Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficient and Fragile Audio Watermarking.
Proceedings of the 17th IEEE International Conference On Trust, 2018

Short-term Bus Passenger Flow Forecast Based On Deep Learning.
Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Security, 2018

Edge Computing for Low Delay to Cache and Transfer Electronic Medical Records.
Proceedings of the Intelligent Systems and Applications, 2018

A radiation harden enhanced Quatro (RHEQ) SRAM cell.
IEICE Electronic Express, 2017

Edge Computing and Dynamic Vision Sensing for Low Delay Access to Visual Medical Information.
CoRR, 2017

Multi-Channel High Speed Quantum Random Number Generating with DWDM and Superluminescent LED.
Proceedings of the 85th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, 2017

DAG Reduction: Fast Answering Reachability Queries.
Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Management of Data, 2017

Modeling Trajectories with Recurrent Neural Networks.
Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2017

Edge caching and Dynamic Vision Sensing for low delay access to visual medical information.
Proceedings of the 2017 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2017

Real-time GPU-accelerated social media sentiment processing and visualization.
Proceedings of the 21st IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Distributed Simulation and Real Time Applications, 2017

Top-Down XML Keyword Query Processing.
IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng., 2016

Probabilistic Robust Route Recovery with Spatio-Temporal Dynamics.
Proceedings of the 22nd ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2016

Location-aware distributed file allocation for low-delay access to electronic medical records.
Proceedings of the 38th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2016

Joint estimation and detection algorithm for co-channel signals in randomly distributed sensor array.
Proceedings of the 20th IEEE International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, 2016

Efficient subtree results computation for XML keyword queries.
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Fast Smallest Lowest Common Ancestor Computation Based on Stable Match.
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Efficient MSubtree Results Computation for XML Keyword Queries.
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Effectively Return Query Results for Keyword Search on XML Data.
Proceedings of the Web-Age Information Management - 14th International Conference, 2013

Top-down keyword query processing on XML data.
Proceedings of the 22nd ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, 2013

Fast Result Enumeration for Keyword Queries on XML Data.
JCSE, 2012

Top-Down SLCA Computation Based on Hash Search.
Proceedings of the Web-Age Information Management - 13th International Conference, 2012

Fast SLCA and ELCA Computation for XML Keyword Queries Based on Set Intersection.
Proceedings of the IEEE 28th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2012), 2012

Top-Down SLCA Computation Based on List Partition.
Proceedings of the Database Systems for Advanced Applications, 2012

Fast Result Enumeration for Keyword Queries on XML Data.
Proceedings of the Database Systems for Advanced Applications, 2012

Using search engine technology for protein function prediction.
IJBRA, 2011

SEJoin: an optimized algorithm towards efficient approximate string searches.
Proceedings of the Proceeding of the 34th International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval, 2011

Protein Sequence Alignment Algorithm Based on Hybrid Profile Information.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, 2010

A Novel System for Publishing Relational Data in XML Based on ER-DTD Method.
Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Computer Applications in Industry and Engineering, 2003