Xiulong Wu

According to our database1, Xiulong Wu authored at least 30 papers between 2006 and 2021.

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Reverse Bias Current Eliminated, Read-Separated, and Write-Enhanced Tunnel FET SRAM.
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Novel Write-Enhanced and Highly Reliable RHPD-12T SRAM Cells for Space Applications.
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In-Memory Computing With Double Word Lines and Three Read Ports for Four Operands.
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Multiple Sharing 7T1R Nonvolatile SRAM With an Improved Read/Write Margin and Reliable Restore Yield.
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A Self-Matching Complementary-Reference Sensing Scheme for High-Speed and Reliable Toggle Spin Torque MRAM.
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Challenges and Solutions of the TFET Circuit Design.
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A new reading mode based on balanced pre-charging and group decoding.
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14.2 A 65nm 24.7µJ/Frame 12.3mW Activation-Similarity-Aware Convolutional Neural Network Video Processor Using Hybrid Precision, Inter-Frame Data Reuse and Mixed-Bit-Width Difference-Frame Data Codec.
Proceedings of the 2020 IEEE International Solid- State Circuits Conference, 2020

An Efficient and Robust Yield Optimization Method for High-dimensional SRAM Circuits.
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Radiation-Hardened 14T SRAM Bitcell With Speed and Power Optimized for Space Application.
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Architectural Exploration to Address the Reliability Challenges for ReRAM-Based Buffer in SSD.
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Physical mechanism study of N-well doping effects on the single-event transient characteristic of PMOS.
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An inverter chain with parallel output nodes for eliminating single-event transient pulse.
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A single event upset tolerant latch with parallel nodes.
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High speed and reliable Sensing Scheme with Three Voltages for STT-MRAM.
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Average 7T1R Nonvolatile SRAM With R/W Margin Enhanced for Low-Power Application.
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Offset voltage suppressed sense amplifier with self-adaptive distribution transformation technique.
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A dual-output hardening design of inverter chain for P-hit single-event transient pulse elimination.
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Picowatt 0.5 V supply with 3 ppm/°C CMOS voltage reference for energy harvesting system.
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A Pipeline Replica Bitline Technique for Suppressing Timing Variation of SRAM Sense Amplifiers in a 28-nm CMOS Process.
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A radiation harden enhanced Quatro (RHEQ) SRAM cell.
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Read/write margin enhanced 10T SRAM for low voltage application.
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Additive-calibration scheme for leakage compensation of low voltage SRAM.
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A yield-enhanced global optimization methodology for analog circuit based on extreme value theory.
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Analyzing and modeling mobility for infrastructure-less communication.
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Human dynamics in mobile social networks: A study of inter-node relationships.
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The Design of High Performance, Low Power Triple-Track Magnetic Sensor Chip.
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Bitline Leakage Current Compensation Circuit for High-Performance SRAM Design.
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