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According to our database1, Edward Lee authored at least 40 papers between 2001 and 2023.

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IEEE Fellow 1994, "For contributions to design methodologies and programming techniques for real-time digital signal processing systems.".



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NVLink-C2C: A Coherent Off Package Chip-to-Chip Interconnect with 40Gbps/pin Single-ended Signaling.
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A Low-Power Authentication IC for Visible-Light-Based Interrogation.
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Effects, capabilities, and boxes: from scope-based reasoning to type-based reasoning and back.
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Scoped Capabilities for Polymorphic Effects.
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VR Human Body Treatment Game 'BodyCureBot' Using Hand Tracking.
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Tracking Captured Variables in Types.
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Safer exceptions for Scala.
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Lift & project systems performing on the partial-vertex-cover polytope.
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A Configurable Dual-Mode PRINCE Cipher with Security Aware Pipelining in 65nm for High Throughput Applications.
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The Temporary Exchange Problem.
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On Tradeoffs Between Document Signature Methods for a Legal Due Diligence Corpus.
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Training Domain Specific Models for Energy-Efficient Object Detection.
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Mitigating HTTP Flooding Attacks with Meta-data Analysis.
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Designing Patient-Centered mHealth Technology Intervention to Reduce Hospital Readmission for Heart-Failure Patients.
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Capturing collective conflict dynamics with sparse social circuits.
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How we recreated the 2001: A Space Odyssey's star-gate effect for PixelJunk 4am.
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