Torsten Kempf

According to our database1, Torsten Kempf authored at least 24 papers between 2003 and 2013.

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Numerical Aspects of MIMO OFDM PHY Layer Applications on SDR Platforms.
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Efficient Implementation of Application-Aware Spinlock Control in MPSoCs.
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Flexible front-end processing for software defined radio applications using application specific instruction-set processors.
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Optimized Communication Architecture of MPSoCs with a Hardware Scheduler: A System-Level Analysis.
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Invited paper: Parallel programming and run-time resource management framework for many-core platforms: The 2PARMA approach.
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Efficient And Portable SDR Waveform Development: The Nucleus Concept
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A Workbench for Analytical and Simulation Based Design Space Exploration of Software Defined Radios.
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Virtual architecture mapping: a SystemC based methodology for architectural exploration of System-on-Chips.
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A SW performance estimation framework for early system-level-design using fine-grained instrumentation.
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A highly efficient modeling style for heterogeneous bus architectures.
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