Birgit Graf

According to our database1, Birgit Graf authored at least 23 papers between 1999 and 2022.

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  • Erdős number3 of four.



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PhD thesis 




Refilling Water Bottles in Elderly Care Homes With the Help of a Safe Service Robot.
Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction, 2022

Digital Innovation Hubs in Health-Care Robotics Fighting COVID-19: Novel Support for Patients and Health-Care Workers Across Europe.
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Studying Drink-Serving Service Robots in the Real World.
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Use of Robotics in the German Healthcare Sector - Application Scenarios - Drivers and Barriers - Time Savings.
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MobiKa - Low-Cost Mobile Robot for Human-Robot Interaction.
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Semi-Autonomous Domestic Service Robots: Evaluation of a User Interface for Remote Manipulation and Navigation With Focus on Effects of Stereoscopic Display.
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Teleoperation of Domestic Service Robots: Effects of Global 3D Environment Maps in the User Interface on Operators' Cognitive and Performance Metrics.
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Bimanual Robot Manipulation and Packaging of Shoes in Footwear Industry.
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A Mobile Service Robot for Industrial Applications.
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Mo.Di.Bot - Mobile Diagnostic Robot.
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Practical evaluation of service robots for support and routine tasks in an elderly care facility.
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Going into depth: Evaluating 2D and 3D cues for object classification on a new, large-scale object dataset.
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Mobile robots for offshore inspection and manipulation.
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Robotic Home Assistant Care-O-bot<sup>®</sup> 3 Product Vision and Innovation Platform.
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