Greg Taylor

According to our database1, Greg Taylor authored at least 18 papers between 2004 and 2021.

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Modelling and understanding count processes through a Markov-modulated non-homogeneous Poisson process framework.
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A 1-2 GHz Computational-Locking ADPLL With Sub-20-Cycle Locktime Across PVT Variation.
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Information-Seeking Strategies in Medicine Queries: A Clinical Eye-Tracking Study with Gaze-Cued Retrospective Think-Aloud Protocol.
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When the Winning Move is Not to Play: Games of Deterrence in Cyber Security.
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Re: Search.
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How to reduce power in 3D IC designs: A case study with OpenSPARC T2 core.
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Interpolated VCO design for a low bandwidth, low-jitter, self-biased PLL in 45 nm CMOS.
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A 1.05V 1.6mW 0.45°C 3σ-resolution ΔΣ-based temperature sensor with parasitic-resistance compensation in 32nm CMOS.
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I/O Self-Leakage Test.
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