Hang Zhou

According to our database1, Hang Zhou authored at least 35 papers between 2011 and 2019.

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Defining Cost Functions for Adaptive JPEG Steganography at the Microscale.
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Controversial 'pixel' prior rule for JPEG adaptive steganography.
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Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Three-Dimensional Mesh Models.
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Investigating the TDDB lifetime growth mechanism caused by proton irradiation in partially depleted SOI devices.
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Targeted attack and security enhancement on texture synthesis based steganography.
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Backtracking-assisted multiplication.
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Lossless bi-directional current sense circuit for low-voltage high-current DC/DC converters.
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Modeling and verification of Web services composition based on model transformation.
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SparseTracer: the Reconstruction of Discontinuous Neuronal Morphology in Noisy Images.
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Examining the influence of online retailers' micro-blogs on consumers' purchase intention.
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Hum-mPLoc 3.0: prediction enhancement of human protein subcellular localization through modeling the hidden correlations of gene ontology and functional domain features.
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The influence of fullerene-based interlayers on CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Photodetector.
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Organolead trihalide perovskite as light absorber for IGZO phototransistor.
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A joint Bloom Filter and cross-encoding for data verification and recovery in cloud.
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Defining cost functions for adaptive steganography at the microscale.
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Seamless stitching of large area UAV images using modified camera matrix.
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Second Order Perdicting-Error Sorting for Reversible Data Hiding.
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A New Subcellular Localization Predictor for Human Proteins Considering the Correlation of Annotation Features and Protein Multi-localization.
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Backtracking-Assisted Multiplication.
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Graphene oxide doped single-walled carbon nanotube thin film as back electrode for CdTe solar cell.
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Robust deformable registration of pre- and post-resection ultrasound volumes for visualization of residual tumor in neurosurgery.
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Design consideration of uni-traveling carrier photodiode: Influence of doping profile and buffer layer.
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Detecting Genetic Association of Common Human Facial Morphological Variation Using High Density 3D Image Registration.
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Mass and consumable loss analysis for the combined- cooling-power-oxygen system of an extravehicular-activity spacesuit.
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Digital core modeling based on CT image.
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