Giulio Reina

According to our database1, Giulio Reina authored at least 49 papers between 2006 and 2022.

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In-Field Automatic Identification of Pomegranates Using a Farmer Robot.
Sensors, 2022

RoboNav: An Affordable Yet Highly Accurate Navigation System for Autonomous Agricultural Robots.
Robotics, 2022

On the role of feature and signal selection for terrain learning in planetary exploration robots.
J. Field Robotics, 2022

An RGB-D multi-view perspective for autonomous agricultural robots.
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Novel Measurements and Features for the Characterization of Soil Surface Roughness.
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A Factor-Graph-Based Approach to Vehicle Sideslip Angle Estimation.
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Terrain assessment for precision agriculture using vehicle dynamic modelling.
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Ambient awareness for agricultural robotic vehicles.
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A multi-sensor robotic platform for ground mapping and estimation beyond the visible spectrum.
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A general framework for modeling and dynamic simulation of multibody systems using factor graphs.
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Advances in Finger and Partial Hand Prosthetic Mechanisms.
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Terrain estimation via vehicle vibration measurement and cubature Kalman filtering.
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A Toolbox for the Analysis of the Grasp Stability of Underactuated Fingers.
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Terrain Awareness Using a Tracked Skid-Steering Vehicle With Passive Independent Suspensions.
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Mind the ground: A Power Spectral Density-based estimator for all-terrain rovers.
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In-field high throughput grapevine phenotyping with a consumer-grade depth camera.
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An application of mobile robotics for olfactory monitoring of hazardous industrial sites.
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Agricultural robot for radicchio harvesting.
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