Keivan Navi

According to our database1, Keivan Navi authored at least 139 papers between 1993 and 2020.

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Novel efficient full adder and full subtractor designs in quantum cellular automata.
J. Supercomput., 2020

A novel majority based imprecise 4: 2 compressor with respect to the current and future VLSI industry.
Microprocess. Microsystems, 2020

Ternary DDCVSL: a combined dynamic logic style for standard ternary logic with single power source.
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High-speed energy efficient process, voltage and temperature tolerant hybrid multi-threshold 4: 2 compressor design in CNFET technology.
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HQCA-WSN: High-quality clustering algorithm and optimal cluster head selection using fuzzy logic in wireless sensor networks.
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Novel Optimum Parity-Preserving Reversible Multiplier Circuits.
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Optimized Quantum Circuit Partitioning.
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Designing positive, negative and standard gates for ternary logics using quantum dot cellular automata.
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A novel digital fuzzy system for image edge detection based on wrap-gate carbon nanotube transistors.
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Design and analysis of efficient QCA reversible adders.
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Improving rule-based classification using Harmony Search.
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Analytical Review of Noise Margin in MVL: Clarification of a Deceptive Matter.
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A novel design of a ternary coded decimal adder/subtractor using reversible ternary gates.
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An energy and area efficient 4: 2 compressor based on FinFETs.
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An Energy- and Area-Efficient Approximate Ternary Adder Based on CNTFET Switching Logic.
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CAST-WSN: The Presentation of New Clustering Algorithm Based on Steiner Tree and C-Means Algorithm Improvement in Wireless Sensor Networks.
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A Single Parity-Check Digit for One Trit Error Detection in Ternary Communication Systems: Gate-Level and Transistor-Level Designs.
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High-performance ternary operators for scrambling.
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Design of quaternary 4-2 and 5-2 compressors for nanotechnology.
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Area-delay-power-aware adder placement method for RNS reverse converter design.
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Ternary Versus Binary Multiplication with Current-Mode CNTFET-Based K-Valued Converters.
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Design and evaluation of new majority gate-based RAM cell in quantum-dot cellular automata.
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An Ultra-High Speed and Low Complexity Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Full Adder.
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New Current-Mode Integrated Ternary Min/Max Circuits without Constant Independent Current Sources.
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Optimized Adder Cells for Ternary Ripple-Carry Addition.
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Efficient Reverse Converters for 4-Moduli Sets {2<sup>2n-1</sup>-1, 2<sup>n</sup>, 2<sup>n</sup>+1, 2<sup>n</sup>-1} and {2<sup>2n-1</sup>, 2<sup>2n-1</sup>-1, 2<sup>n</sup>+1, 2<sup>n</sup>-1} Based on CRTs Algorithm.
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Ultra-area-efficient reversible multiplier.
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New robust QCA D flip flop and memory structures.
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An Energy-Efficient Full Adder Cell Using CNFET Technology.
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A new SPICE model for organic molecular transistors and a novel hybrid architecture.
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Efficient RNS to binary converters for the new 4-moduli set {2<sup><i>n</i></sup>, 2<sup><i>n</i>+1</sup>-1, 2<sup><i>n</i></sup>-1, 2<sup><i>n</i>-1</sup>-1}.
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A New Full Adder Cell for Molecular Electronics
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A New Switched opamp Approach for Improving the Operation of Auto-Reset Switched-capacitor Filters.
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Modeling the effects of hot-spot traffic load on the performance of wormhole-switched hypermeshes.
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Efficient Reverse Converter Designs for the New 4-Moduli Sets 2<sup>n</sup> -1, 2<sup>n</sup>, 2<sup>n</sup> +1, 2<sup>2n + 1</sup>-1 and 2<sup>n</sup> -1, 2<sup>n</sup> +1, 2<sup>2n</sup>, 2<sup>2n</sup> +1 Based on New CRTs.
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