Le Chen

According to our database1, Le Chen authored at least 60 papers between 2004 and 2021.

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Multi-scale super-resolution generation of low-resolution scanned pathological images.
CoRR, 2021

The Study for Public Management Policy Utility Evaluation and Optimization System Under the Framework of Social Computing Perspective.
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Learning Trajectories for Visual-Inertial System Calibration via Model-based Heuristic Deep Reinforcement Learning.
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Improving Online Clustering of Chinese Technology Web News With Bag-of-Near-Synonyms.
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An application performance optimization model of mobile augmented reality based on hd restoration.
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A Novel Thermal Energy Storage System in Smart Building Based on Phase Change Material.
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Remedial Pilot Main Protection Scheme for Transmission Line Independent of Data Synchronism.
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Identifying User Profile by Incorporating Self-Attention Mechanism based on CSDN Data Set.
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Jiles-Atherton Based Hysteresis Identification of Shape Memory Alloy-Actuating Compliant Mechanism via Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm.
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Modified Modulation Strategy With Balanced Power and Switching Losses Distributed for Seven-Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverters.
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Research on Power-Balance Control Strategy of CHB Multilevel Inverter Based on TPWM.
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Hybrid Multi-Carrier PWM Technique Based on Carrier Reconstruction for Cascaded H-bridge Inverter.
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Distributed Energy Resource Overvoltage During Un-Intentional Islanding.
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Research on Optimization Method of Instantaneous Speed State Characteristics of Diesel Engine Based on Genetic Algorithm.
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2-D Vertical Filament Capacitive Sensor for the Measurement in Vacuum Environment.
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On Ridesharing Competition and Accessibility: Evidence from Uber, Lyft, and Taxi.
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The UIR Uncertainty Corpus for Chinese: Annotating Chinese Microblog Corpus for Uncertainty Identification from Social Media.
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Investigating the Impact of Gender on Rank in Resume Search Engines.
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Application of Laser-based Angle Measurement Method in Positioning of Robotic End-Effector.
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Observing algorithmic marketplaces in-the-wild.
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A Multichannel Array-Driven Scanner With Low Thermal EMF.
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Efficient and privacy-preserving skyline computation framework across domains.
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A lightweight privacy-preserving scheme with data integrity for smart grid communications.
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An Empirical Analysis of Algorithmic Pricing on Amazon Marketplace.
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PDAFT: A privacy-preserving data aggregation scheme with fault tolerance for smart grid communications.
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Evaluation of knowledge management performance: An organic approach.
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Intersections of Cycles in k-Connected Graphs.
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The BPSO Based Complex Splitting of Context-Aware Recommendation.
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Peeking Beneath the Hood of Uber.
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Dynamic Bayesian brain network partition and connectivity change point detection.
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Tweeting under pressure: analyzing trending topics and evolving word choice on sina weibo.
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Enabling pervasive healthcare through continuous remote health monitoring.
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Revealing performance heterogeneity through knowledge management maturity evaluation: A capability-based approach.
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Based on Genetic Algorithm Knowledge Acquisition Model.
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Self-tuning PID Temperature Controller Based on Flexible Neural Network.
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EnjoyPhoto: a vertical image search engine for enjoying high-quality photos.
Proceedings of the 14th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, 2006

Image annotation by large-scale content-based image retrieval.
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Ranking web objects from multiple communities.
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