Wenqi Wu

According to our database1, Wenqi Wu authored at least 41 papers between 2009 and 2020.

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Improved recurrent neural networks for solving Moore-Penrose inverse of real-time full-rank matrix.
Neurocomputing, 2020

Consistent ST-EKF for Long Distance Land Vehicle Navigation Based on SINS/OD Integration.
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Face Detection With Different Scales Based on Faster R-CNN.
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Rapid SINS Two-Position Ground Alignment Scheme Based on Piecewise Combined Kalman Filter and Azimuth Constraint Information.
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DVL-Aided SINS In-Motion Alignment Filter Based on a Novel Nonlinear Attitude Error Model.
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Adaptive Dynamic Surface Control of Flight With Vector-Coupled Dynamics.
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Ring Laser Gyro G-Sensitive Misalignment Calibration in Linear Vibration Environments.
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Spoofing Detection Algorithm Based on Pseudorange Differences.
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IMU Signal Generator Based on Dual Quaternion Interpolation for Integration Simulation.
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Fast object detection based on binary deep convolution neural networks.
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Design and evaluation of high-order non-commutativity error compensation algorithm in dynamics.
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Facial Expression Recognition for Different Pose Faces Based on Special Landmark Detection.
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Redundant RINS Information Fusion with Application to Shipborne Transfer Alignment.
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Identity-Enhanced Network for Facial Expression Recognition.
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Millimeter Scale Track Irregularity Surveying Based on ZUPT-Aided INS with Sub-Decimeter Scale Landmarks.
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A New Filtering and Smoothing Algorithm for Railway Track Surveying Based on Landmark and IMU/Odometer.
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Position and Orientation Measurement for Autonomous Aerial refueling based on Monocular Vision.
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Robust person head detection based on multi-scale representation fusion of deep convolution neural network.
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A New Continuous Rotation IMU Alignment Algorithm Based on Stochastic Modeling for Cost Effective North-Finding Applications.
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Performance improvement of visual-inertial navigation system by using polarized light compass.
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A Stationary North-Finding Scheme for an Azimuth Rotational IMU Utilizing a Linear State Equality Constraint.
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Tightly-Coupled Stereo Visual-Inertial Navigation Using Point and Line Features.
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A double-filter-structure based COMPASS/INS deep integrated navigation system implementation and tracking performance evaluation.
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High-temperature electrode faulted diagnosis for copper electrolytic cell.
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Thermal Calibration for the Accelerometer Triad Based on the Sequential Multiposition Observation.
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Systematic Angle Random Walk Estimation of the Constant Rate Biased Ring Laser Gyro.
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A Novel INS and Doppler Sensors Calibration Method for Long Range Underwater Vehicle Navigation.
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A Novel Scheme for DVL-Aided SINS In-Motion Alignment Using UKF Techniques.
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A new digital algorithm for the velocity translation vector.
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Improved Iterative Calibration for Triaxial Accelerometers Based on the Optimal Observation.
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Temperature Drift Compensation for Hemispherical Resonator Gyro Based on Natural Frequency.
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A Simplified Baseband Prefilter Model with Adaptive Kalman Filter for Ultra-Tight COMPASS/INS Integration.
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A New Inertial Aid Method for High Dynamic Compass Signal Tracking Based on a Nonlinear Tracking Differentiator.
Sensors, 2012

Observability Analysis of a Matrix Kalman Filter-Based Navigation System Using Visual/Inertial/Magnetic Sensors.
Sensors, 2012

Force to Rebalance Control of HRG and Suppression of Its Errors on the Basis of FPGA.
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A Decentralized Junction Tree Approach to Mobile Robots Cooperative Localization.
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INS/GPS Integration: Global Observability Analysis.
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