Yuki Tanaka

According to our database1, Yuki Tanaka authored at least 32 papers between 2005 and 2019.

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Emergence of an Onion-Like Network in Surface Growth and Its Strong Robustness.
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Duty Ratio and Capacitance Analysis of AC/DC Converter without Current Control Circuit.
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Coin Flipping PUF: A Novel PUF With Improved Resistance Against Machine Learning Attacks.
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Effects of Sound Volume Change When Squeezing a Virtual Soft Object with a Bare Hand.
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A wearable handwriting system for time-warping collocation.
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'BonTen' - Corpus Concordance System for 'NINJAL Web Japanese Corpus'.
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Development of a mobile robot moving on a handrail - Control for preceding a person keeping a distance.
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