Ming Gao

According to our database1, Ming Gao authored at least 41 papers between 2001 and 2018.

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GPU optimization of material point methods.
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Animating fluid sediment mixture in particle-laden flows.
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QuanFuzz: Fuzz Testing of Quantum Program.
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Study on the Impact Degrees of Several Driving Behaviors When Driving While Performing Secondary Tasks.
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An adaptive generalized interpolation material point method for simulating elastoplastic materials.
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Power diagrams and sparse paged grids for high resolution adaptive liquids.
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A GPP-DSP based computing task allocation scheme for on-board signal processing in OFDM satellite system.
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Quantum cloning attacks against PUF-based quantum authentication systems.
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Global Stabilization for a Class of Stochastic High-Order Feedforward Nonlinear Systems Via Homogeneous Domination Approach.
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Fast and Robust Inversion-Free Shape Manipulation.
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Composite thermally-induced focusing of a probe beam with Gaussian-distribution propagating through a cesium cell end-pumped by a LD.
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Steklov-Poincaré Skinning.
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A Novel Forecasting Method for Large-Scale Sales Prediction Using Extreme Learning Machine.
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Option prices under stochastic volatility.
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High Performance Super-Resolution Reconstruction of Multiple Images Based on Fast Registration and Edge Enhancement.
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Learning sparse Fuzzy Cognitive Maps by Ant Colony Optimization.
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Development of "dynamic acupoint interior resistance detecting and analyzing system".
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Adaptive test selection for post-silicon timing validation: A data mining approach.
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Relay feedback based on fuzzy multiple model and its application to the 330 MW unit coordinated control system.
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Time-Multiplexed Online Checking.
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An Improved Apriori Algorithm.
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Post-silicon bug detection for variation induced electrical bugs.
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Application research of three layer BP network on performance evaluation of wet cooling tower under cross-wind conditions.
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The Design of the LISB Platform Based on SOA Architecture.
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A case study of Time-Multiplexed Assertion Checking for post-silicon debugging.
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Efficient Packet Matching for Gigabit Network Intrusion Detection using TCAMs.
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