John Goodacre

According to our database1, John Goodacre authored at least 32 papers between 2005 and 2020.

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Toward FPGA-Based HPC: Advancing Interconnect Technologies.
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Energy Efficient Flash ADC With PVT Variability Compensation Through Advanced Body Biasing.
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On the effects of allocation strategies for exascale computing systems with distributed storage and unified interconnects.
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Scalability analysis of optical Beneš networks based on thermally/electrically tuned Mach-Zehnder interferometers.
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Enabling Standalone FPGA Computing.
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Receive-Side Notification for Enhanced RDMA in FPGA Based Networks.
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Next generation of Exascale-class systems: ExaNeSt project and the status of its interconnect and storage development.
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A CAM-Free Exascalable HPC Router for Low-Energy Communications.
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Innovating the Delivery of Server Technology with Kaleao KMAX.
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Paving the Way Towards a Highly Energy-Efficient and Highly Integrated Compute Node for the Exascale Revolution: The ExaNoDe Approach.
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Designing an exascale interconnect using multi-objective optimization.
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Acoustic emission and angular movement variations from early adulthood healthy knees to late adulthood osteoarthritic knees.
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EUROSERVER: Share-anything scale-out micro-server design.
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Smart devices panel session - Integrating the real world interfaces.
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