Yu Yao

According to our database1, Yu Yao authored at least 105 papers between 2002 and 2020.

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Cognitive Frequency-Hopping Waveform Design for Dual-Function MIMO Radar-Communications System.
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Towards Mixture Proportion Estimation without Irreducibility.
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Leveraging Global and Local Topic Popularities for LDA-Based Document Clustering.
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Doppler Data Association Scheme for Multi-Target Tracking in an Active Sonar System.
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Cognitive Design of Radar Waveform and the Receive Filter for Multitarget Parameter Estimation.
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VIKOR method for effect evaluation of ancient village landscape planning based on the heritage historical context under 2-tuple linguistic enviroment.
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A Fourier domain acceleration framework for convolutional neural networks.
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Segmentation of casting defect regions for the extraction of microstructural properties.
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Game-Theoretic Modeling of Multi-Vehicle Interactions at Uncontrolled Intersections.
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Realtime Rooftop Landing Site Identification and Selection in Urban City Simulation.
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Study of range-extended target detection performance based optimized EBSPK signals.
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Multiple Targets Tracking with Big Data-Based Measurement for Extended Binary Phase Shift Keying Transceiver.
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Experiments of Orbital Angular Momentum Phase Properties for Long-Distance Transmission.
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A Fourier Domain Training Framework for Convolutional Neural Networks Based on the Fourier Domain Pyramid Pooling Method and Fourier Domain Exponential Linear Unit.
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Fault Prognosis Method of Industrial Process Based on PSO-SVR.
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Dead-Zone Compensation of an Ultrasonic Motor Using an Adaptive Dither.
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Waveform Optimization for Target Estimation by Cognitive Radar with Multiple Antennas.
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An Epidemic Model of Computer Worms with Time Delay and Variable Infection Rate.
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Variational Bayesian inversion for hierarchical unsupervised generative embedding (HUGE).
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Dynamic coverage control design of multi-agent systems under ellipse sensing regions.
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Improved Sliding Shapes for Instance Segmentation of Amodal 3D Object.
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Design and implementation of the optimized digital controller with the simplified control algorithm for boost power factor correction converter.
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Cognitive Radar Waveform Optimization Based on Mutual Information and Kalman filtering.
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Fault-Tolerant Topology Control Towards K-Channel-Connectivity in Cognitive Radio Networks.
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DeepSS: Exploring Splice Site Motif Through Convolutional Neural Network Directly From DNA Sequence.
IEEE Access, 2018

The Smart Black Box: A Value-Driven Automotive Event Data Recorder.
Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2018

DeepMVF-RBP: Deep Multi-view Fusion Representation Learning for RNA-binding Proteins Prediction.
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An Optimal Antenna Deployment for MIMO Relay Systems in High-speed Railway.
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An integrated data-driven Markov parameters sequence identification and adaptive dynamic programming method to design fault-tolerant optimal tracking control for completely unknown model systems.
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Identification-oriented robust finite memory fault detection filter design for networked industrial process with fading channel communication.
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The parameters optimisation design for variable speed control momentum gyroscopes.
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Active damping control of modular multilevel converter with output filter for high-speed PM motor drive.
Proceedings of the IECON 2017 - 43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Beijing, China, October 29, 2017

Modeling and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of Benign Worms with Quarantine Strategy.
Proceedings of the Cyberspace Safety and Security - 9th International Symposium, 2017

Target detection algorithm for IARC seventh mission.
Proceedings of the 11th Asian Control Conference, 2017

Vision-inertia based navigation algorithms for quadrotors.
Proceedings of the 11th Asian Control Conference, 2017

Multiple Vital-Sign-Based Infection Screening Outperforms Thermography Independent of the Classification Algorithm.
IEEE Trans. Biomed. Engineering, 2016

Modeling and Analysis of Micro-Spacecraft Attitude Sensing with Gyrowheel.
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Spacecraft Angular Rates Estimation with Gyrowheel Based on Extended High Gain Observer.
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Influence of removable devices on worm propagation under pulse quarantine strategy.
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Synchronization of Coupled Neutral-Type Delay Partial Differential Systems.
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Fractal Dimension Estimation for Developing Pathological Brain Detection System Based on Minkowski-Bouligand Method.
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Accelerate Data Compression in File System.
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Model-based Algorithm Development with Focus on Biosignal Processing.
PhD thesis, 2015

Dynamic Model Identification for 6-DOF Industrial Robots.
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Data Compression and Transmission Method of Vehicle Monitoring Information Collection Based on CAN Bus.
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Asynchronous cooperative guidance for multiple intercepting flight vehicles: A dynamic target coverage approach.
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